What Do Amish People Think About The LSAT?

LSAT Blog Amish Men BeachThe Amish don't believe in taking photos of anyone's face - they say it creates a "graven image."

Am I disrespecting them by posting these photos?

Probably, but these Amish folks let me take the below photos in exchange for iPads.

Publishing the photos exposes the wrongdoers and will help the Amish police bring them to justice.

Logic Games

LSAT Blog Amish Kid Hat
Once, some tourists gave me a Game Boy. I'm hiding it in the barn.

Logical Reasoning

LSAT Blog Amish Horse Carriage
Hat: Why doesn't the LSAT have questions on carriage safety? Cultural bias.
Bonnet: Please excuse my brother. The elders say he's got the devil in him.

Reading Comprehension

LSAT Blog Amish Group
Sir, please don't steal our firewood. We want to trade it for a pony...or a few velour tracksuits.

Writing Sample

LSAT Blog Amish Women
You want to know why we cover our ears? We fear your strange dialect.


LSAT Blog Amish Farmer's MarketBaseball cap: I'm going to take away your crops unless you read Steve's blog.

LSAT Blog Snooki
Whoops, she's definitely not Amish. Wrong blog post.

I want to see your captions - especially for the first photo and for the one of Snooki.

Leave them in the comments!

(For extra points, translate the final caption with the word "unless" into a conditional statement and take its contrapositive.)

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Photo by madbuster75 / NC ND
Photo by stuckincustoms / NC SA
Photo by cindy47452 / NC SA
Photo by stuckincustoms / NC SA
Photo by joeshlabotnik / Att 2.0 Gen
Photo by daned / NC SA
Photo from eonline.com


  1. If I didn't take away your crops, then you must have read Steve's blog.

    If you didn't read Steve's blog, then I am going to take away your crops. (the contrapositive)

    Did I pick the tense right?

  2. I like the last one.

    In honor of LSAT mania, I have devised a logic game (fairly easy) based on the first picture. I expect a prize.

    I promise this is a fully functional game that makes sense and that there is only one correct answer for each question.

    Happy Friday and good luck to October LSATers!

    Email me if you want to check your answers: caleb.shreves@gmail.com

    Or if you can handle the heat find me on XBOX live playing Halo:Reach. Leebyman1 is my gamertag!


    Seven seagulls, A,B,C,D,E,F, and G, are going to shat upon the goofy hats of two Amish men, Jacob and Hezekiah. Each seagull will shit one of the two men, and each man will have at least one seagull shit on him. The following conditions apply:
    At least two of seagulls A,B,C, and D will shit on Jacob
    At least two of seagulls E,F, and G will shit on Hezekiah
    If D shits on Jacob, then F does not shit on Hezekiah
    If D does not shit on Jacob, then G shits on Jacob
    A and B shit on the same Amish man

    1. If Hezekiah is shit on by seagull D, and Jacob is not shit on by seagull C, which one of the following is a seagull that must shit on Jacob?

    (A) Seagull C
    (B) Seagull E
    (C) Seagull B
    (D) Seagull F
    (E) Seagull D

    2. If seagull B shits on Hezekiah, then which one of the following MUST BE TRUE?

    (A) Seagull C shits on the same person as Seagull A
    (B) Seagull F shits on the same person as Seagull C
    (C) Seagull G shits on the same person as seagull D
    (D) Seagull B shits on the same person as Seagull C
    (E) Seagull A shits on the same person as seagull F

    3. If the condition were added that seagull E had to shit on Jacob, which one of the following is a seagull that could NOT shit on Jacob?

    (A) seagull D
    (B) seagull B
    (C) seagull A
    (D) seagull C
    (E) seagull E

    4. How many different combinations of 4 seagulls could shit on Hezekiah?

    (A) one
    (B) two
    (C) three
    (D) four
    (E) five

    5. Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate listing of the seagulls that shit on Jacob?

    (A) A, B, D
    (B) D, G, A, B
    (C) A, B, E
    (D) A, B, E, D
    (E) A, C, D, F

    Good luck, Amish dudes!

  3. Oh, and Benson, second statement should read:

    "If you didn't read Steve's blog, then I took away your crops."

  4. This blog post should be renamed Dwight Schrute's Family Album.

  5. @Benson - excellent translation.

    @Caleb - good changing of tense. We can also say "If you don't read Steve's blog, I'll take away your crops" (one should menacingly hold a pitchfork while threatening this).

    I'm so glad you wrote a game about them! I'll definitely give it a shot this weekend and let you know my answers.

    @Anonymous - indeed it should! Perhaps the Amish in the last Amish photo are growing beets...

  6. i Stink at LG, i feel like crying...i couldn't solve this :(

  7. Problem with the game.

    In Question 3 I have:

    E must shit on Jacob so according to the 2nd rule FG must shit on Hezikiah.

    J: E H: FG

    Now the contrapositive of the 3rd rule is says that since F shits on H then D does as well.

    J: E H: DFG

    Now rule 4 says that if D shits on Hezekiah then G shits on Jacob which breaks the game.

    Am I missing something or doing the contapositive wrong?

  8. No, you're absolutely right.

    Just noticed that.


    So much for getting my first game right... I'll be trying harder next time!

    Thanks for testing it out! The other questions were fine, right?

  9. Awesome game, Caleb! Funny topic, too. I'd love to use a version of it on the blog. Will email you shortly about that.

    For now, my answers:
    1. C
    2. B
    3. invalid question
    4. B
    5. invalid question

    Don't be too distressed about having written invalid questions in your first attempt. Writing games is harder than it looks, and it's easy to get tunnel vision.

    5 doesn't work because none of the choices are valid solutions for Jacob.

    Choices A, B, and D all have D at J but lack F at J. (Rule 3 says "Dj -> Fj")

    Choice C has both D and G at H. (Rule 4 requires at least one of D and G to be at J at all times - whenever one is at H, the other is at J.)

    Choice E has A without B. (Rule 5 requires them to be together.)

    @Amira - Don't be upset over this! Logic Games are tough for everyone at first. See some Logic Games tips here to get you on the right track.

  10. Hmm, stick to LSAT advice. This post is weird...

  11. wow tough game! steve, i hope you publish an explanation. and to the last guy who commented, i thought it was funny. the whole point is that it doesnt make sense. have you ever seen don hertzfeldt's stuff? its just a break from all the serious lsat-related stuff.

  12. This post is pretty rude, and not exactly sure why you would put it on the site. Pretty unprofessional. No longer interested in your LSAT advice.

  13. I'd go one step further - it was completely rude and unprofessional. Never said it wasn't.

    Sorry to hear you're no longer interested in my LSAT advice, though. Some readers suggested my "Ground Zero Mosque" post was unprofessional, and they also implied they weren't going to read the blog anymore.

    Can't win 'em all. (I think the boycotters secretly still read it, though.)

    1. here, you can read my site, and then perhaps purchase to-be-written study guides from ME: thebethanite.blogspot.com

      I liked your post because I like the Amish and they make GOO-OOD peanut butter frosting for chocolate cake.

  14. PS

    Steve- read your mosque post today. Good stuff! I was in agreement until recently when I read this report (see below) that put a kernel of doubt in my mind. While the arguments of most anti-mosque people are still sucky arguments in and of themselves, the issue as a whole is still very debatable.

    Also, in general, people that use words like "rude" and "unprofessional" probably just need to get laid.

    article: http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p18523.xml

  15. Making fun about Amish ppl and the argument about "Ground Zero Mosque" (GZM)are not the same thing- in fact they aren't similar at all. So your defense above is flawed.

  16. You're disregarding the similarities and failing to consider that just because two things are not identical that they can't be similar.

    Your attack of his "defense" is flawed. I think what he's really saying is that he knows he'll occasionally offend people, and he's okay with that.

  17. WILL NOT take crops --> read blog
    NO READ BLOG --> take crops