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April 7, 2011

Logic and Games

* Average LSAT scores by major. [Tax Prof Blog]

* Exactly what it sounds like. [Shit My Students Write]

* World map drawn to scale based on each country's population. [imgur via I Love Charts]

* Facebook sued for $1 billion for hosting page calling for 3rd Palestinian intifada. [Gawker]

* More on Facebook - teacher calls her 6-year-old students "future criminals." And future criminals will need future lawyers, so listen up... [Jezebel]

* Snarky (and soon-to-be-unemployed) Borders employees tell customers to use the bathrooms at [Consumerist]

* Where your concert ticket money goes. [NPR]

* NYC time lapse video with music by Explosions in the Sky. [vimeo]

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