Cracking the LSAT Worksheet – “Answers”

If you didn’t have a chance to try that LSAT mindset worksheet I shared the other day, give it another shot!

Then, check your answers here -------->
Some of those are pretty tough, huh? Did you have trouble with any in particular? Reach out and let me know. Maybe I’ll make another worksheet like that sometime.

Anyway, I got some questions about getting ready for Test Day, so next time, I’ll share some advice from my former student Caroline. (She ended up scoring perfect on Logic Games!)

Talk soon,

Recommended Resources:

1. LSAT Explanations
The explanations that should have come with the LSAT. These don't just fall back on "out of scope," but actually tell you why the wrong answers are wrong, why the right answers are right, and the easiest way to get the correct answer.

2. Mastering LSAT Logic Games
This guide to Logic Games is by a former writer of actual LSAT questions! Enough said.

3. Law School Personal Statement Guide
Personal statements can be hard because you have so much freedom. You can basically say anything you want, and that lack of guidance can cause a serious case of writer’s block. In situations like this, a little bit of direction can go a long way. This guide provides tips on conceptualizing, planning, writing, and editing the law school personal statement.

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