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UPDATE: If you arrived at here after clicking a link in an old version of my Logic Games Cheat Sheet (one with two columns and the headers "Symbol" and "Meaning), please note that the LSAT Cheat Sheets now available on the blog are far more comprehensive. That PDF was a very old, and much more basic, version of my new LSAT Cheat Sheets.


The below list contains links to many of my earliest blog posts.

For a more comprehensive list, see my best articles of all time on:

Logic Games

Logical Reasoning

Reading Comprehension


Logic Games

5 Ways to Solve Logic Games in Under 7 Minutes

10 Hardest LSAT Logic Games

7 LSAT Logic Games Repeated on Future PrepTests

How I Learned to Love LSAT Logic Games

Scratch Paper on LSAT Logic Games?

How to Ace LSAT Logic Games | 7 Habits

Conditional Reasoning: Contrapositive, Mistaken Reversal, Mistaken Negation

5 Reasons I Secretly Enjoy Logic Games

Logical Reasoning

7 Logical Reasoning Tips and Tricks

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love LSAT Logical Reasoning

5 Hardest LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions, Explained

How to Ace LSAT Logical Reasoning | 7 Habits

15 Common LSAT Logical Reasoning Topics

5 Steps to Solving Strengthen Logical Reasoning Questions

Formal vs. Informal Logic in Logical Reasoning

5 Steps to Solving Weaken Logical Reasoning Questions

Reading Comprehension

10 Strategies for LSAT Reading Comprehension

How I Learned to Love LSAT Reading Comp
How to Ace LSAT Reading Comp | 7 Habits

Writing Sample

How to Prepare for the LSAT Writing Sample

Recommended Books

Best LSAT Prep Books

All (free) LSAT PrepTests

Answer Keys to LSAT PrepTests

Best Law School Admissions Books

Study Schedules

Is 10 Hours in a Single Day Too Much to Study for the LSAT?

Daily LSAT Schedule Recommendations

Questions and Answers

February 2009 LSAT | Questions and Answers

June 2009 LSAT | Questions and Answers

September 2009 LSAT | Questions and Answers

Test Day

10 Tips to Prepare for the Day of the LSAT

3 Tips to Prepare the Day Before and Day of

LSAT Test Center Ratings and Reviews

LSAT Proctors, Test Center Reviews, and Test-Taking Strategies

Hardest LSAT: Feb, June, Oct, or Dec?

LSAC's Rules for Changing Your LSAT Test Date

Retaking the LSAT

Should You Retake the LSAT? 7 Ways to Decide.

How to Study for a Retake (or what to do when you run out of PrepTests)

5 Reasons Not to be Discouraged by a Low LSAT Score

Better Know a Law School

Virginia Law (Jason Wu Trujillo)

UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) (Edward Tom)

University of Michigan (Sarah Zearfoss)

Cornell Law (Richard Geiger)

Other Interviews

Stephen Luebke (LSAC Test Specialist). It's not actually an interview, but close enough.

Ann Levine (admission consultant)

Linda Abraham (admission consultant)

Dr. Deborah Bennett (author of Logic Made Easy)

Anna Ivey (admission consultant)

Ben Taibleson (Yale Law Journal Editor-in-Chief)

Ursula Furi-Perry (author of Law School Revealed)

How NOT to Prepare for the LSAT (my guest post on Study Hacks)

LSAT Diaries

The 20-Something File Clerk
The 30-Something Chemist with a Family

LSAT Logic In...

LSAT Logic in Alice in Wonderland

LSAT Logic in the NYTimes

LSAT Logic in The Economist

Things to ReadLaw School Admissions Index: LSAT vs. GPA

LSAC's Official Guide to Law Schools

Law School Rankings Released by US News

Daily LSAT Question via Email, Phone / Twitter, and RSS

1st post about LSAT Tweet

2nd post about LSAT Tweet

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your LSAT Score

Why You Can't Improve Your LSAT Score

Correlation Between SAT and LSAT Scores?

5 Reasons to Stay Motivated During LSAT Prep

5 Ways to Win the Hearts of Law School Admissions Deans

7 Warning Signs It's Time to Find a New LSAT Instructor

Why the LSAT is Like Monopoly

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  1. Your discussions with various deans at virginia, cornell, etc. were very informative. i hope you do more interviews with other deans from top schools.