Law School Admissions Workshops Online

LSAT Blog Law School Admissions Webinar GameI've previously interviewed law school admission consultant Ann Levine about The Law School Admission Game, her book on law school admissions. Ann's also shared some general law school admission advice on LSAT Blog in the past.

Ann recently announced she's hosting a series of "webinars" called “Learning the Rules of the Law School Admission Game.” (For the eldery/non-tech-savvy among you, webinars are like seminars or workshops, but over the web). Ann's webinars aren't free, but they're not a fortune, either.

If you're applying to law school in Fall 2011, these webinars look like a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the process, to ask your admissions-related questions, and to ask Ann to elaborate on anything in her book, The Law School Admission Game.

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  1. Question: I'm applying this cycle (still waiting to take the rescheduled LSAT). I already got my transripts in and am hoping that my LOR are just taking long to process. I have been out of school for awhile. I realized that after I got my undergrad degree and my master's I randomly took one course during a summer because I was bored. I totally forgot to ask for that transcript. Is this determintal? Do I need to go back and ask (my worry is that it will take awhile)...Please advise!