LSAT Blog in the News

I've been featured in several media outlets, including the New York Timesthe Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post Live.

However, I mainly focus on the LSAT Unplugged podcast, along with the LSAT Unplugged YouTube channel. Those are the best places to find me sharing LSAT and law school admissions strategies beyond LSAT Blog.

However, I'm also including below links to select media appearances elsewhere.

National Law Journal. "Online LSAT Makes Its Debut—With a Few Glitches" (excerpt)

National Law Journal. "At-Home LSAT Set to Debut Next Month Amid COVID-19 Pandemic" (excerpt)

National Law Journal. "How Will COVID-19 Disrupt Law School Admissions?" (excerpt)

National Law Journal. "March LSAT Canceled, Fate of April LSAT Uncertain" (excerpt)

National Law Journal. "Is an LSAT Overhaul in the Offing?"

National Law Journal. "Security Concerns Spur New Limits on Repeating the LSAT"

Admissions Straight Talk (podcast). "Acing the LSAT" (Ep 312), "What to Expect from the New LSAT Flex" (Ep 366), and "LSAT and Law School News" (Ep 509) 

90.3 WHPC Nassau County (radio). "All About the LSAT." (recording on YouTube)

760 KFMB AM San Diego (radio). "Justin talks about the college admissions scandal..." (recording on YouTube)

Hashing Out the Law with Attorney Arash Hashemi (podcast). "The LSAT & You" and "LSAT-Flex"

Law to Fact with Law Professor Leslie Tenzer (podcast). "The Keys to Success on the LSAT" (mp3), "5 LSAT Myths" (mp3), and "Understanding the new LSAT Flex Test" (mp3)

Learn Law Better with Law Professor Beau Baez (video). "What is the LSAT: Interview with the LSAT Blog Founder"

Immigration Lawyers' Podcast with John Khosravi (podcast). "Interview with LSAT Expert Steve Schwartz" (Ep 88)

Attorney Heart with Fernando Flores (podcast). "LSAT Unplugged" (Ep 79)

Actuarial Journey (podcast). "Finding Time to Study"

National Law Journal. "Khan Academy's Free LSAT Prep Program Draws Jeers, Cheers" (alternate),  "Embracing Digital, LSAT Loosens Its Grip on the No. 2 Pencil" (alternate),   "Small LSAT Spike Doesn’t Mean Law School Slump Is Over" (alternate)

Huffington Post Live (video). "Should Law Schools Drop The LSAT Requirement?" (I'm on at 0:58. Also see my post about it.)

Barrister on a Budget. "The LSAT"

Law School Expert. "Last Minute Tips for September LSAT Takers"

Law School Podcaster. "Beat the LSAT Clock" (mp3) & "Tackling the LSAT As An ESL" (mp3)

New York Times. "For LSAT, Sharp Drop in Popularity for Second Year"

Above the Law. "Declining LSAT Test Takers Could Spell ‘Death Spiral’ for Bottom Law Schools"

ABA Journal. "LSAT Test Takers Decline; Is Law School Tuition Bubble Bursting?"

Wall Street Journal. "Whither the LSAT Takers?"

The Atlantic. "Pop! Goes the Law School Bubble" "The LSAT Blog Three-Month LSAT Prep Study Schedule" (alt link)

U.S. News & World Report. "Law Students Rank Their Future," "Test Prep: 7 Tips for LSAT Success," & "Are You Really Ready for the October LSAT?" (1, 2, 3)

The Ivey Files. "How Does an 'Absent' Look If You Missed the Deadline to Postpone Your LSAT Test Date?"

The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions. "The LSAT"

Columbia Daily Spectator. "Law School No Longer A Sure Bet" (newspaper)

preLaw Magazine. "LSAT Prep on the Cheap" (magazine) & "Free LSAT Help Online" (magazine) "Talking LSAT Prep with Steve Schwartz"

The Law School Admission Game. "Ways to Prepare for the LSAT"

Blackbook Legal. "Beating the LSAT: An Interview with Steve Schwartz"

Study Hacks. "How NOT to Prepare for the LSAT"