Logic and Games

* The # of 1st-time LSAT-takers in December 2010 was down 22% from last December. Guess that leaves more LSAT for the rest of us. [Law Professors Blog; LSAC]

* What did previous LSAT-takers wish they'd known before starting their prep? [LSAT Blog]

* Sophomore pays his college tuition with $1 bills. [NYTimes]

* Antonin Scalia is apparently the Supreme Court's funniest justice. [ABA Journal]

* Woman uses Craigslist and MySpace to track down thief. [Salon]

* The new Miss America wants to go to law school and become President one day. [Above The Law; Jezebel]

* Alabama's new governor wants everyone to become a Christian. [Gawker]

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