LSAT Grouped by Reading Comprehension Passages Book (More)

LSAT Blog Reading Comprehension Passages Grouped BookFor those of you who intend to complete every LSAT Reading Comp Passage ever published, there's a book for you. It's called:

More Grouped by Passage Type: LSAT Reading Comprehension- The Complete Collection of Actual, Official Reading Comprehension Passages from PrepTests 21-40

This book is incredibly useful for two major reasons (which the title makes obvious):

Reason #1: It compiles all the passages from PrepTests 21-40 for you in one book. This allows you to avoid getting 10 More Actual Official LSAT PrepTests (exams 19-28), Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests (exams 29-38), and PrepTests 39 and 40 if you would've wanted any of those books/exams only for their Logical Reasoning questions.

Reason #2: It organizes Reading Comp passages by passage topic, rather than putting them in order by PrepTest (as the traditional books of PrepTests from LSAC do). It divides them into different "chapters" based upon the type of passage. Because these are not from the newest exams (they're from December 1996 - June 2003), you may want to complete those exams in pieces anyway, rather than as full timed exams.

While this book is a great concept, it may not be for you simply because you'll probably want to complete all of the Logic Games and Reading Comprehension sections in 29-38 anyway, or because you may want to use some of these exams for full timed sections.

Reading Comp Passage Categorization
Most prep companies simply divide passages into 4 major categories:

Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Law

I find that breakdown a bit too simple, so I've done my own categorization of every Reading Comp passage from every LSAT PrepTest.

The categorization of passages in More GROUPED by Passage Type is somewhat similar to mine, only the categories are slightly broader since it's limited to PrepTests 21-40. (Because there are 4 passages per exam, you get 80 passages altogether.)

I'm listing the book's chapters so you can see the types of categories it uses:

-Music & Poetry

Social Sciences
-Racial Minorities

Biological & Physical Sciences
-Earth & Space
-Scientific Theories

Issues Related To The Law
-Legal System
-Legal Theory


Who should use this book:

Most test-takers won't find this book necessary. However, anyone who intends to focus specifically on LSAT Reading Comprehension questions by type in exams 21-40 without doing those exams' Logic Games/Logical Reasoning questions (or just wants less to carry around!) will find this book worthwhile and convenient.


Also see GROUPED by Question Type and GROUPED by Game Type.

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