Logic and Games

* George Zimmerman is in custody and has been charged with second-degree murder. [CNN]

* A lawyer who's been waiting 30+ years to get off the waitlist from UChicago Law finally withdraws his application. (Don't worry, he ended up going to UMichigan in the meantime.) [Above the Law]

* Please don't practice law without a license. Just don't. [ABA Journal]

* A new ordinance in Seattle defends the right to breast-feed in public. Still no extra time to breast-feed at the LSAT, though. [WSJ Law Blog]

* FBI statistics indicate that 72 police officers were killed in 2011: a 25% rise from previous year and 75% rise from 2008. Determining the reason for the increase is tricky - full of correlation-causation issues. [NYTimes]

* A visual representation of the 15,000 temperature records that were broken in March. [io9]

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