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If you want just the LSAT Logical Reasoning video course, you're in the right place.

Otherwise, I strongly suggest my LSAT packages. They include my full curriculum for each section, including video courses, guides, and study plans to keep you on track. You can save hundreds of dollars with an LSAT package.


For information about just the Logical Reasoning video course, start here:

I've been hard at work putting together the curriculum for a new LSAT course.

And I've just released the second part - a comprehensive online LSAT Logical Reasoning video course.

Why? Because the LSAT courses currently available cost far too much money, and they waste your time with overcomplicated methods and categorization systems.

Instead of making this a traditional classroom course, I've put it online for 3 major reasons:

1. You'll be able to go at your own pace. Freed from having to go to LSAT class when you're tired after work or school, you'll be able to watch (and re-watch) all the course videos  at any hour, day or night.

2. You'll save a ton of money. By putting the course online, I can eliminate overhead expenses like rent. To keep costs low, I'm not wasting any money on advertising, and I've recorded all the videos myself, without hiring graphic designers to create special effects. I'm passing the savings on to you.

3. You'll get a full year of unlimited access to my online course. Many big prep companies make you pay extra to retake their courses for the next test administration, or you lose access to everything you've already paid for. But why should you pay again for what you've already bought? What if you need to postpone your test or need to retake? With my course, you won't have to worry about any of this. And you'll receive automatic access to all course updates.

I'm not sure whether online videos are for me.

Watch some of my 180+ free LSAT explanation videos to get a sense of my style. Just keep in mind that the course videos are even more detailed.

I like your free videos, but what does the course include? 

I'm glad you asked. Here's a comprehensive list of everything the course includes. Through dozens of high-definition videos, I provide you with the fundamentals you need in order to effectively attack the Logical Reasoning section. I also give you a detailed overview of each Logical Reasoning type, as well as thorough walkthroughs of questions within each type.

Upon completing this course, you will be ready to take on the LSAT Logical Reasoning section.

Join now to improve your LSAT Logical Reasoning score today.

LSAT Course Money Back Guarantee

Still not convinced? Keep in mind that I'm offering all LSAT courses with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Try the LSAT course of your choice without risking a thing. If you don't love it, just email me within 30 days, and show me you're doing the exercises and not getting results. I'll give you a full and complete refund, and you can even keep all the books — at my expense.

I've made these literally risk-free to try.

Why would I offer a guarantee when I don't have to? I can offer this because I've rigorously tested my materials with thousands of students. I know they work, and I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

(By the way, I ask you to show me you've done the exercises because I know how effective they can be. I don't plan to keep your money if you're dissatisfied, but the only way to get results is to take action. I know you’re busy, but if you can’t commit to at least trying the exercises, then you shouldn’t join.)

Here's just some of the feedback I've gotten about my online LSAT courses:

"I did end up just going ahead and buying your online Logic Games course. I figured that it would be good value and clear instruction - everything I've seen on your blog has been. I went through the first 12 videos last night and it is very good. In the end it came down to yours and [another course], and your explanations just make more sense to me. Thanks!" - Joanne M.

"Just wanted to say thank you. I've made breakthrough after breakthrough thanks to your Logic Games course, and all the material you have available. It was all worth its weight in gold, and I truly admire you and appreciate what you are doing! I could not afford a Kaplan course, but even if I could have, I would have been crazy to choose it over your study plans/guides/posts etc.  I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone I know that is taking the LSAT. Thank you again!!!" - Miranda C.

"The Logic Games course is going great! Logic Games so far was my biggest weakness but I recently took a PrepTest and received only -6 on Logic Games after going through only a very tiny bit of your course. I want to hit a 165 and I feel your course is the last bit necessary…The course is a great review and also an extreme bargain." - C. T.

"I love the day-by-day study plan, your blog, and your online course. I've dabbled with Kaplan before and this works so much better for me." - Cheryl H.

"I've been working through your Logic Games course, and I really really like it. It's helped me improve so much on my games." - Sammy Z.

"I've taken your entire Logic Games course. First of all, thanks for a great learning experience. I feel much better prepared than I did before I started." - Nathan Y.

"I'm in the Logic Games course and I love it!" - John D.

"I'm a fan of your blog. Your online Logic Games course helped bring a clarity no other resources could provide...Thanks for your help Steve! Keep all the great work you do." - Jon H.

"The course has been extremely beneficial thus far!" - Kadeem R.

"I just wanted to thank-you for your great LSAT logical reasoning course. I got a 166 in October, up from a 159 in June and the difference was the logical reasoning sections, as  I went from 16 wrong to 6 wrong in the 2 sections combined." - Alex W.


Questions? Shoot me an email at

Remember, the course is 100% risk-free. That means you can try it, then decide if it's right for you. If you don't love it, just show me you did the work, and I'll refund 100% of your money. But I'm confident this will help you improve your LSAT score and get into the law school of your dreams.


  1. Steve,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for this. I made it though the Logic Games just fine using your blog and on my own, but have been struggling with the Logical Reasoning section (although part of that does have to do with my being busy with study abroad, which is thankfully almost over and I will then have more time to devote to the LSAT). I decided to go ahead and sign up for this section of your course, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

    Also I did want to purchase something from you at some point - thus far I've used your blog full of expert advice totally for free, and though this was of course economical for a poor college student, I really wanted to buy at least something as a way of saying thank you. So this was perfect again.

    1. Hi Oscarzoroaster,

      I'm so glad to hear that the blog has helped you. I look forward to having you in the course!

  2. This sounds great and I definitely plan on purchasing it. Could you please tell us how long the course is?

    1. I look forward to having you in the course!

      You should have plenty of time to work through it between now and the October LSAT (if you're taking it then). I released it now specifically with October and December test-takers in mind.

      There are over 50 videos at the moment, and I'll be adding even more in the next few months and beyond.

      I've worked hard to strike a balance between making the videos thorough, yet still concise. The result is that the videos are short, but don't have any filler. No one wants to spend their time listening to me go on tangents during a video. Just as with the blog, I simplify things and present the facts in a straightforward manner. I planned what I would say in each video beforehand so that I wouldn't waste any time during the video having to pause and think about what I'll say.

      I've simply worked to keep the videos as short as possible (because shorter video lengths are better than longer ones - they're more engaging and retain students' focus). After receiving your email, I took a quick look at the lengths of a random assortment of videos and found that the general overview videos are often between 2-5 minutes, and the ones that walk through a question are typically longer, generally between 5-10 minutes. There are also a number of longer videos covering general LR concepts that can be up anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

      If you're already working with my schedule and other blog resources, the course will fit right into the system of "methods" that you're using. I purposely structured the online course to fit with the ordering of concepts in the study plan. So it will be easy for you to follow the course in conjunction with the study plan.

      Please feel free to email me as well if you have questions about your particular situation.

  3. Hi I just found your blog a few minutes ago and was wondering do you have videos on reading comprehension as well? You have probably mentioned it somewhere else but it is my first time on this site so I have no idea lol.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Taylor!

      I don't have Reading Comprehension videos yet, but I will!

  4. Hi Steve I am interested in the LR video sessions Kindly let me know how should I go about buying it

    1. Hi there,

      Just click this link and follow the instructions to sign up for the course. I look forward to having you in the course!