LSAT test day: how to avoid cracking under pressure

Wanted to share some advice today about retaking the LSAT and checking your emotions.

Jared, a retaker who started with a random prep book, quickly got overwhelmed by Logic Games.

Allison, a retaker who studied while writing her senior thesis, felt the pressure was like a ton of bricks weighing her down.

Retaking is common. It sucks to have to retake, but whether that's you or not, there’s still hope!

One of the biggest reasons people have to retake is because they crack under the pressure on Test Day.
Here’s some advice on that from Allison:

The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone prepping for the LSAT is to check your emotions. I placed a ton of pressure on myself early on, and felt extremely defeated early on in my study process, which only made things worse. Studying for the LSAT can be discouraging and anxiety-producing, but you have to keep some perspective, and trust that your work will begin to pay off.

I love seeing students increase their scores using my books and courses, but my favorite experience of all?

---- Getting to work with students directly ----
In the early years, most of my students were in-person, but I now actually work with 99% of students online and on the phone.

Some were skeptical of meeting this way at first, but I actually don't see any difference.

And I actually think it can be BETTER than in-person because this way my students always have their books with them! :)

So if you don't live in NYC, don't let that stop you from reaching out and asking for help. We can still work together.

When I meet with students online, I use an online whiteboard so we can diagram Logic Games together, live. And we typically meet via video chat (but if you prefer audio or phone so you can stay in your PJs, that's fine, too).

I'll soon have a few openings in my schedule for highly-motivated and high-performing students who are willing to invest significant time and energy in their LSAT prep.

Because even with all the courses, books, and free resources, the fastest way to get the score you need is by working directly with somebody one-on-one who's already been through the process.

So, if you'd like help identifying and improving on your weak areas, or just feel stressed about everything in general, reach out and let me know.

LSAT coaching is for you if you're frustrated, feel like you're limited in how much you can teach yourself, and realize you're in need of additional help.

So, if you feel like it might help with your situation, just reach out and let me know, and we can talk more about it.


P.S. If you’re interested in working with me one-on-one, you can find out more here ---> If not, that's totally fine, too :)

I'll just keep wish you all the best and keep sharing free LSAT advice, but feel free to reach out if you need anything at all!

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