What’s your biggest LSAT struggle?

There you are, studying up for your LSAT retake, doing your LSAT practice tests and cruising right along. Everything is going great, your confidence is high and then BAM! Logic Games comes out of nowhere and derails the whole thing.

Or maybe it’s not a specific section, maybe you’re just having trouble staying motivated. I totally get it, LSAT prep is a marathon, not a sprint.

Whatever it is, I have one BIG question and I want to hear from YOU:

What's your biggest LSAT struggle?

Once I’ve heard back from you, I’m going to compile a list of the most common answers and dive in.

Getting these questions from you is incredibly important, because it helps me help you. And that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Believe me, I live for this stuff. That’s why I created a series of popular LSAT coursespublished best-selling LSAT guides, and written explanations for well over 1,000 LSAT questions. A thousand!

Can’t wait to hear from you,
Steve, the LSAT Maestro

P.S. Srsly, do me a favor - reach out and tell me your story. It only takes a minute. Even though I can’t reply to every message, I do read every single one myself.

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  1. Logical Reasoning is where I struggle. I get a few questions wrong when I'm studying (weaken or necessary assumptions, for examples) and it feels pointless to self-study. After I do a block of questions, I'm either tired and my brain hurts for review or I immediately see where I got it wrong and feel like I cannot redo the question later on because I'll remember why I got it wrong the first time. Is it good/okay for me to redo a question when I already know the right answer? It doesn't feel like I'm learning anything then.