When are you taking the LSAT? (+ inspiration)

I know studying can be stressful, so I just wanted to give you a little bit of motivation to keep forging ahead.

Watching motiv
ational videos might sound silly, but finding a source of inspiration, WHATEVER it is, can actually be the key to destroying the LSAT.

It can move you from THINKING about studying to DOING it:
So here's a video to get you moving and here's an entire playlist - if Elle Woods can score 179, so can you! :)

Whenever I'm too stressed or overwhelmed with everything I have to do, I watch those.

Another way to reduce the stress and get motivated is to connect with like-minded students - that's why I've created a Facebook group JUST for LSAT Unplugged students:

In this group, you can find study partners and connect with other like-minded students. I'll also be popping in to do the occasional Facebook Live video and share additional resources. Hope to see you there!

Keep in touch - let me know if you need anything at all,

btw….. for some extra motivation and advice, you might also like to read the stories of Max (increased his score from 155 to 176!!!), and Jared (from low 140s to 164!!!)

And Jared was a retaker who started with a random prep book!

Here’s some key advice he had to share:

"You get out of the LSAT what you put into it. Diligence and a high level of commitment are the keys to success on the LSAT. Steve advised me to look at ALL of the logical reasoning questions I’d gotten wrong and to analyze the ‘why’ behind each wrong/right answer choice. I did this for every wrong answer I’d gotten in the logical reasoning section, looking for patterns, and identifying areas of weakness...My scores skyrocketed up to the high 160s and into the hallowed realm of the coveted 170+ after this conversation."

Next time, I’ll give you some advice I frequently share with my students on reviewing.

Talk soon,

P.S. I know sometimes it's easier to work with someone personally as you're studying for the LSAT. Find out more about how I work with students one-on-one.

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