You have 3 LSAT study hours each day - really

I’ve gotten the same question a lot over the years: How much should I study for the LSAT? The right answer to that is always as much as you can.

Think about it this way. What would you say to someone who wanted to know how much to practice to make it to the NBA? Or how many auditions they should do to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio?
Sure, it isn’t going to be quite that hard to get the score you want on the LSAT, but the principle’s the same. Study as much as you can (without burning out).

Personally, I like to recommend three focused hours a day. That might seem impossible, but consider breaking it up and doing it like this:

1 hour before work/school
1 hour during lunch OR at your office desk during "downtime"
1 hour after work/school

That is totally doable. Also, you need to re-prioritize your schedule. Don’t organize your study time around other obligations or distractions. Instead, organize those obligations and distractions around your study time.

If you need help figuring out how to better plan your studying, I’ve got a whole page of articles on that exact topic. Check out these LSAT study plans ------>

Remember, you own your schedule. Your schedule doesn’t own you!

LSAT Steve

Recommended Resources:

1. LSAT Courses
The best of my LSAT material with exclusive access to attend my Live Online LSAT Master Classes + Q&As, and on-demand video lessons you can watch anytime. Plus, LSAT study plans to keep you on track. Save hundreds of dollars with an LSAT course package.

2. LSAT Explanations
The explanations that should have come with the LSAT. These don't just fall back on "out of scope," but actually tell you why the wrong answers are wrong, why the right answers are right, and the easiest way to get the correct answer.

3. LSAT Cheat Sheets
Based on what I'd typically do in college: read what the professor emphasized and condense it all onto a single piece of paper. It gave me a quick reference, making things a lot less threatening and a lot more manageable.

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