Law School Admissions Diversity Statements

If you’re stumped about what to write about in your law school application essays, showcasing your heritage or culture might be the perfect topic - especially for the law school diversity statement. Here, we’ll discover why.

The U.S. is lucky to have such a rich blend of nationalities. 
Even many students whose families have been in the U.S. for many generations can still trace their ancestry back to places all over the world. Other students might be the first generation in their family to attend law school in the U.S. (and even the first to attend college).

So, since having a diverse background isn’t necessarily uncommon for students who hope to attend law school, why do so many students choose to write about it?
Ultimately, for many students, it’s an excellent topic choice. Here are a few reasons why:

• It demonstrates self-exploration.

Universities are very interested in students who practice self-exploration. When you aim to learn more about your culture – whether that’s by visiting your parents’ or grandparents’ birthplace or learning a second language – it demonstrates your interest in self-exploration. This also translates to a love of learning, which is a great quality to showcase on your la school application.

• It shows your appreciation of cultures.

By nature, most law school campuses have developed more culturally-rich student bodies over the years. This gives law schools an ability to provide students with new insights from peers who may have unique perspectives.

• It explains what makes you unique.

Remember, the goal of all law school applications is to show why the experiences that have shaped your life make you unique. If you have a particular tradition, environment, or cultural experience that’s meaningful to you and connects with a key aspect of your character, it might be an ideal topic.

Of course, it’s only a good idea to write about your cultural background if it truly has shaped you in very meaningful ways. It’s also important to somehow connect it to your future plans. However, the fact that law schools allow you to write a diversity statement means you should take full advantage of the opportunity to share more about yourself if you have something unique to share (and everyone does).

Do you think there’s some aspect of your cultural background you can highlight to write a standout law school personal statement? If not, no problem. I have plenty of other ideas for your law school application to share with you

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P.S. Your background doesn’t have to refer to nationalities alone. For instance, if you felt displaced because you moved from a populated city environment to a rural location, you could write about that, too. There are other types of culture, as well, such as military culture (for students who were raised by military parents), surf culture, city culture, and so forth.

If a cultural aspect of your life has shaped your perspective and values, consider writing about it! (And if you’re having trouble figuring out how to make it work, that’s something I can help with, too.)

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