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Here's the "easier version" of this Logic Game.

For those of you interested in comparing the hard and easy versions, I've listed each variable and its counterpart at the end of this blog post.

Easy version
Jandra is a travel guide writer who will visit 7 countries: Australia, Bahrain, China, Djibouti, England, Fiji, and Guatemala. She must visit each of these countries in accordance with the following restrictions:
Jandra must visit exactly two countries before her visit to China but after her visit to Bahrain.
China cannot be the last country she visits.
Jandra cannot visit Bahrain until she has visited Australia.
She cannot visit England immediately after she visits Djibouti, nor can she visit Djibouti immediately after she visits England.
Fiji must be visited either 4th or 5th.
1. Which one of the following could be the order in which Jandra visits the countries, from first to last?

(A) Australia, England, Bahrain, Guatemala, Fiji, China, Djibouti
(B) Australia, Bahrain, Guatemala, Fiji, China, Djibouti, England
(C) England, Australia, Bahrain, Fiji, China, Djibouti, Guatemala
(D) Australia, Djibouti, Bahrain, Fiji, England, China, Djibouti
(E) Djibouti, Guatemala, Australia, Bahrain, Fiji, England, China

2. If Jandra visits China fifth, each of the following could be true EXCEPT:

(A) The second country she visits is Bahrain.
(B) The third country she visits is Guatemala.
(C) The third country she visits is Djibouti.
(D) The sixth country she visits is England.
(E) The seventh country she visits is Djibouti.

3. If Jandra visits Djibouti second, but she does not visit Fiji fourth, each of the following could be true EXCEPT:

(A) She visits Guatemala immediately before she visits Fiji.
(B) She visits Guatemala immediately after she visits China.
(C) She visits Bahrain immediately before she visits Guatemala.
(D) She visits Fiji immediately before she visits Guatemala.
(E) She visits Fiji immediately after she visits England.

4. If Jandra visits Australia and Bahrain first and second on her trip, respectively, how many different orders are there in which she can visit the seven countries?

(A) one
(B) two
(C) three
(D) four
(E) five

5. If the condition that China cannot be visited last is removed, and Jandra takes advantage of the opportunity to visit China last, but all other conditions remain in effect, which one of the following could now be a complete list of countries, any one of which could be visited third?

(A) Australia, Djibouti, Guatemala
(B) Djibouti, England, Guatemala
(C) Australia, Djibouti, England, Guatemala
(D) Australia, England, Fiji, Guatemala
(E) Australia, Bahrain, England, Guatemala


The text below contains the answers to the above Logic Game.

1. A
2. B
3. D
4. D
5. C


Having trouble with this Logic Game? See a step-by-step explanation of this Logic Game's setup.


Easy - Difficult

Australia = Artemis
Bahrain = Apollo
China = Dionysus
Djibouti = Athena
England = Demeter
Fiji = Aphrodite
Guatemala = Ares

Photo by eschipul / CC BY-SA 2.0


  1. Dear Mr. Schwartz,

    I have a question in regards to Merits/Scholarships and taking the LSAT 2x.

    Say I decide to keep my score for Sept. 26, 2009,and it is not what I hoped for... but in Dec 2009 I score 30 pts higher which puts me in the range for any type of award monies/scholarship monies-
    How will a Law School approach this?

    Since most take the highest score, will they do the same if I am eligible for a scholarship with the 2nd score?

  2. ok, call me silly but does this statement;

    "Jandra must visit exactly two countries before her visit to China but after her visit to Bahrain."

    Mean she has to visit China third because there will be exactly two countries to visit first?

  3. No it means there has to be two countries between China and Bahrain

  4. @David, you're misinterpreting the clue. What the clue is saying is basically B comes before C with exactly 2 countries in between.

    A different clue if I recall puts A before B and C can't be last (disregarding question 5 which deliberately breaks that rule) this would restrict A to shifting between 1&2 and it would restrict the "B _ _ C" block to shifting between two positions, one with C 6th and the other with C 5th. F is also restricted to two places. If the placement of these three components is given it also can restrict the placement of the others. The other clue just means D&E can't be adjacent and G is just left floating around the whole game.

  5. I believe there are two correct answer choices to the first question. Both A and D.

    1. Question 1, answer D:
      A, D, B, F, E, C, D.

      She would visit D twice, and never visit G.

  6. D is incorrect because it contains Djibouti twice and lacks Guatemala altogether.

    (It's a nasty trick meant to remind you that the initial paragraph of the game also contains important information. Read the comments on the "Difficult Version" of this game for other folks' reactions to this.)

  7. how do i see the answers because i cant find it... i have A,B,D,D,C for my answers is it right?

  8. "Jandra must visit exactly two countries before her visit to China but after her visit to Bahrain."

    I interpreted the first clue as B > _ _ C, because nothing says that B has to directly connect to the two countries prior to C. It is poorly worded.

    To reword, "(Immediately) after her visit to Bahrain, Jandra must visit exactly two countries before her visit to China."

  9. You will see the answers by highlighting the space below the sentence
    "Highlight the text below to see the answers to the above Logic Game."
    in other words highlight this sentence and hold down your mouse button while draging the arrow down. you will see them.

  10. Is there a good way to deal with question four systematically? I feel like I would end up drawing out all the different scenarios and that takes too much time ...

  11. @Lisa Holl Chang

    Once you have "A B _ F C _ _", it's just simple math. G must go in either slot 6 or 7 to separate D/E, yielding 2 options, and because D and E are interchangeable, you multiply those 2 by another 2 to account for whether or not you do DE or ED

    1. I'm WAY behind you on this (it's 2/14!), but wanted to thank you for this answer anyway. Helped a lot.

  12. I believe I've spotted an error on number 3... Choice D) also cannot be right.

    Not visiting Fiji fourth means it must be visited 5th. Then choice D specifies that Guatamala is visited right after Fiji, thus:

    "_ _ D_ FG_"

    Either China has to be last, which is prohibited by the conditions...
    "_ _DBFGC"

    or no room is left for Australia to come before Bahrain...


  13. D is the answer precisely because one cannot create a valid scenario with those conditions. The question asks us what cannot be true.

  14. regarding question 4, there are four different orders for Jandra to visit the 7 countries,

    isn't it? or did I miss any rule? :(

    please clarify?

    A lot of thanks and appreciations for your blog, it is amazing and helpful, especially the daily schedule, amazing :)

  15. Hi could you explain how you would diagram basic linear questions?? I read on the daily schedule to diagram your style, not LGB's. I found your diagram for Pure Sequencing so much more helpful than the LGB's and I was wondering where I could find diagrams for basic/advanced linear questions...!! Thanks a lot!

  16. Amen Steve- Can you show how to diagram basic linear questions? THE LGB makes it a it confusing, and your diagram's are much more helpful. Thanks again for keeping this blog!

  17. Steve! NEED MORE DIAGRAMS!!!!!!

  18. yes, please post more diagramming strategies

  19. Can someone explain number 5 to me? For some reason I'm not understanding this one.

  20. "Kimberly said... Can someone explain number 5 to me?"
    Basically it says: _ _ _ B _ _ C
    which forces: _ _ _ B F _ C

    So now A, D, E, or G can fill space #3, as long as A remains prior to B and there is no DE / ED.

  21. So how do I determine the difficulty level of this game????

  22. To add to Kimberly's question, the suggestion in question #5 is that China can now fill space #7, therefore allowing space #3 to be filled by the following possibilities (according to me):
    A: G,D/E,A,B,F,D/E,C
    B: D/E,A,B,G,F,C,E/D
    D: A,B,D,F,C,E/G,E/G
    E: A,B,E,F,C,D/G,D/G

    However, ABDE isn't even an answer choice! I found that G in space #3 does not work because:
    G: A,B,G,F,C,D/E,D/E *No* D/E,D/E violates R#4.
    G: A,B,G,E,F,C,D *No* R#1 violated

    Please help since I may just be misunderstanding the question! Thank you!

  23. Dear Steve,

    Is there any way to explain how you got to these answers I only got number 2 correct the rest I got incorrect and the wording on 5 was very confusing. Hope to here from you soon.

  24. Dear Steve,
    I have a question to ask. Thanks for taking the time to look at this.
    Question: Power Score Logic games bible Newer version P71.Question 12.2
    In this overloaded question, 12. 2 is a maximum/minimum question. The explanation is reached simply by the number distribution--3,1,1,1,1,1,1. However, since there are so many rules in the question, how do you make sure that there isn't one that limits the slot that has 3 variables and eliminates this scenario?

  25. Hi Steve, for question 5, I am not sure why answer is C. Answer choice C does not have B in it, but B could go third even before the rule was removed. So shouldn't there be B included in answer choice C as well?

  26. Hi Steve,

    I have a real hard time with the PrepTest 29 Game 3. Could you please tell me how this problem is solved? Or is there any information out there can assist me of solving this problem? Thank you very much

  27. I am having the same question as many others out there: #5! I found C and E both are correct. Because Djibouti and Bahrian both can go the third. I can't really find out anything wrong with my inference. So please, Steve, it is your time to step in and tell us WHY. Really appreciate all your effort and time!


  28. Hey guys my name is Jose. I'm learning here just like everyone else. Here is why E cannot be the answer.

    The problem says that China will be visited 7th. That means that B has to be visited 4th. (Remember that one of the two conditions was that there be two cities visited between B and C.) If you place B in third, that means China would have to be in 6th. That goes against what the problem states.

    I hope that helps someone! I'm ok with ordering games. What I struggle with the most are the matching games. Hopefully others can post help on that. We cannot expect Steve to answer all of our questions. But maybe we can all help each other out!

  29. In my opinion, the wording of the China - Bahrain block is horrible. It leaves it open to the possibility that there are more than two spaces between C and B. I would take the time to reword it Steve, as it is misleading and does not reflect the wording you'd encounter on an actual LSAT.

  30. got all these right, but all wrong with the greek god version..words are CAN be tricky

  31. Question 1 has two answers which, in accordance with the rules, could possibly be the list of countries that Jandra visits, from first to last; two properly constructed diagrams would clearly delineate such.

    Answer choice A: A,E,B,G,F,C,D

    Answer choice B: A,D,B,F,E,C,D

    Neither of these answer choices violate the rules of the game; two countries (letters) separate B and C; C is not last; A is before B; D and E are not immediately adjacent; and F is either 4th or 5th. Hence, both the A and D answer choices are correct.

    1. Answer 'D' contains Djibouti twice.. I got tricked on that one too

  32. Hi Steve,
    What's the best way to solve question 3 on this game? I always have trouble solving these types of questions. Thanks!

  33. so this might be dumb... but how can #5 be C if "She cannot visit England immediately after she visits Djibouti, nor can she visit Djibouti immediately after she visits England." the question stipulates that all conditions except the China one remain in effect. please explain??

  34. Hi, I was reading this blog and did the sample logic questions and when I hit number 5. Isn't the answer A and not C?.

    C states the following
    A D E G F B _ C since all other rules are still in effect F has to be 5th by default,and that would mean that there would only be one space in between B and C. Breaking rule 1.

    If you choose A you can get this: and no rules will be broken. So shouldn't A be the correct answer?
    A D G B F E C

  35. I have the exact same issues with #5

  36. Hi, this is a silly question, I know, but here it goes: On question 2, why is answer A not also correct? I understand why B is correct, but because answer A MUST be correct, then doesn't it mean that it cannot fall under the category of "could be true" as well? Thanks in advance for your help.

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