February 2010 LSAT | Questions and Answers

LSAT Blog Questions AnswersThe February 2010 LSAT is rapidly approaching - only 8 weeks remaining. What would you like to see on the blog between now and then?

Please leave your questions for me (and for each other) in the comments, I'll do my best to answer as many of your questions as possible between now and February 6th.

Quick request: please leave a name rather than posting as "Anonymous." It makes it easier for everyone to respond to specific comments. Thanks!


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  1. Is there anything we can learn about the February test from what little information we have about the two most recent tests (Sept. and Dec.)?

  2. Do law schools take the feb test score for fall 2010?

  3. My weakest part is logical games so please tell me how should i deal with it.

  4. I would like to know the best way to review old tests. I have been taking tests and consistently getting 7-9 questions wrong in each LG section. I also only get to 3 of the games and 3 passages. I need to get a better grasp of how to get through the test with more accuracy and speed.

    My diagnostic was a terrible 146 in 2 months with using the bibles i have gotten up to a 157( highest score)

    But most of my test still fluctuate between 151 and 154.

    I need help if Im going to do well and bring teh score up.

    Everone says review yuor old tests, look at the bibles. I've done this.

    what is the best systematic approach for pinpointing your weaknesses and tackling the problems that are keeping people from performing as well as they would like to.

    Thanks Steve.

  5. Im sorry. to Ammenr my comment. I've been getting 7-9 wrong in each LR section. I need to get better at the LR sections since thats already close to 20 points gone. which even if i get just 10 more correct is a considerable score difference

  6. I've been using your site for a few weeks now and think you're doing a great job. I struggle with the reading comprehension and hope that studying for the logical reasoning will help with that... I'd like to see more on what to do if one really sucks at reading comprehension. Thanks.

  7. I wrote the December LSAT. I think I did just as I had expected to do. I had been studying the bibles and doing the preptests and scoring an average of a pathetic 145. This is because I can only finish about 3 passages from the RC, only 2 of the 4 LG and attempt only around 18-20 LR questions. Friends and others have suggested a course to bring my mark up. If you can tell me how to complete sections while maintaining accuracy, that'll be very very helpful. As you pointed out, I've got 8 weeks left. What strategy should I adopt to bring my mark up. It seem very daunting - jump from 145 to 170 - 25 point differential!!.. is it possible?

  8. how to best study .. how many hrs to dedicate to studying and what to focus on. etc.

  9. I am planning to take the LSAT in February and my weakest area is the Arguments section. I have been doing better this week as I prepare more, but any tips would be very helpful. Maybe others that are having trouble with the Games section, can help me with Arguments and vice versa.


  10. Curious about how to manage time during the test (and prep tests) -- i.e., limiting yourself to one minute per question so you have some time to review, etc.

  11. What are some key characteristics, traits and habits of successful law students and attorneys?

  12. I second Mohammed Ali, my biggest problem is time management. If you can tell us how to complete sections while maintaining accuracy, that'll be very helpful. I can only finish 2 LG and 2 RC, in RC should we read everything or skip details? (skip details not skim them?). Appreciate it.

  13. I took Decemeber test and I want to retake Feburary test, ist true that Feb test is more difficult than any other tests?

  14. I've recently decided to take the LSAT and pursue law school. Honestly, I'm quite intimidated by the test. I'm completely confused when browsing the practice tests/questions. Is this test really something that I can prepare for? How can I learn how to answer these types of questions?

  15. I've heard nothing but bad things about the Feb test. Is that one the hardest? Can you still apply for Fall 2010 with those scores, or will you be among the last applicants leaving you less likely to score a spot, and probably leaving the panel skimming through your personal statement without giving you much of a chance.

  16. I'm starting my LSAT prep on 12/14/09 for the Feb 2010 LSAT. I plan to use the powerscore bibles and take the 7 most lsats from lsac. Is this enough? I plan on studying full-time, 8 hrs a day and 7 days a week? Please advise. THanks.

  17. I'm absolutely pants at two types of LR questions:

    1) parallel reasoning
    2) logic puzzle type questions (a => b and c => b a ? c)

    It' (somewhat) good to know my weakness since I usually just skip over those during timed tests and come back to them at the end when I have time. But I hate throwing away 2-3 points a section. I mean if I have 3 minutes/questions, I can certainly solve it. It's just a matter of speed.

    Any insight?

  18. @Evan - Speaking generally, the LSAT is a fairly consistent. From Sept. and Dec. in particular, we can learn something we already know: LSAC loves In-Out games. Sept and Dec are relatively similar to the other PrepTests numbered in the 50s.

    @Anonymous Dec 11 3:00AM and @Mango - Some law schools take Feb LSAT scores for folks who want to start school in the same year, some don't. Contact specific schools for details and/or look at their websites.

    @Anonymous - Dec 11 11:46AM - The blog is full of tips! Read through it and let me know if you have specific questions.

    @Anonymous - Dec 11 11:51 and 11:57AM - Use the Logical Reasoning spreadsheets to tally up wrong answers. This will help you figure out particular question-types that are giving you difficulty. It takes a lot of time to review wrong answers. It's a matter of taking several minutes thinking about each question (after you first attempt it). Figure out what it is about your answer that makes it incorrect and why LSAC's answer choice (the credited response) is correct. Practice, practice, practice!

    @JJ - Glad you're enjoying the blog! I will continue to cover reading comp more over the next several weeks and months - stay tuned!

    @Muhammad Ali and @Manal- Yes, this increase is possible, but it's not easy. I'm not a fan of courses. I'd recommend following the 2-month LSAT study schedule. Completing sections while maintaining accuracy comes from mastering the methods. The 2-month schedule will help you do this. Good luck, and please let me know if you need anything as you prepare!

    @Manal, I'd recommend paying less attention to details on the initial read. My reading comp tips on the blog discuss this sort of thing.

    @M - The blog is full of tips! Everyone needs different amounts of time. Check out my sample schedules on the blog.

    @Megan - More on Arguments (Logical Reasoning) coming up soon!

    @Jenny - On the easier questions (within LR, for example), that's not a bad idea. Some of the harder questions will take almost anyone more than a minute, though. Try out different strategies during your full-length practices and see what works best for you.

    @Bob - Excellent question! I talked a bit about that in my interview on the Blackbook Legal Blog. I will keep your question in mind for a future interview with a successful law student.

    @Anonymous Dec 12 3:41AM and @Mango - The Feb test is NOT harder than other tests. For all intents and purposes, all tests are the same. See Hardest LSAT: Feb, June, Oct, or Dec? post for details

    @Anonymous Dec 12 5:07PM - Is this enough time? Maybe. Your schedule sounds pretty intense - I wouldn't want you to burn out. Be sure to take lots of breaks, and check out the 2-month LSAT study schedule.

    @Jen F - It's very good to know your weakness! Now you know where to focus.

    I'm posting about formal logic Must Be True questions this week, and I'm posting about formal logic Sufficient Assumption questions the week after that.

    For regular parallel reasoning questions, determine the method of reasoning in the stimulus and look for the same in the choices.

    For parallel flaw questions, determine the exact flaw in the stimulus and look for the same flaw in the choices.

  19. Hi Steve - I was just finishing up the book 'Logic Made Easy' and in it I learned that 'Some' in logical terminology means 'some but possibly all' and in the logical reasoning bibles it always says to disqualify answer choices that are 'too strong'. For example if the passage says 'some animals sleep during the day' and the answer choice of a must be true for instance says 'all animals' then it should be eliminated. I understand what they mean by that, but logically speaking some means 'some but possibly all' and based on that it is not incorrect to assume 'possibly all animals can sleep during the day?' I think I'm over analyzing this, but when can I correctly assume that some is 'just some' and when is it 'some but possibly all'?

    I really appreciate your help and your blog, thank you!

  20. Hi Steve- Can you please offer me some wisdom as to what I direction I should go in for my law school essay?

  21. Which study schedule should I use for my LSAT Prep? I am a retaker...should I just use a 2 month study plan or the retaker study plan. I know this may sound dumb, but I am only asking because I am a new follower of yours and need the advice. Thanks Steve!

  22. Hi Steve -- December scores are out and it looks like there was a -14 curve! (for anyone not familiar with this notation, it means you could get 14 questions wrong and still get a 170; previous tests had between a -9 and -11 curve). Do you think this is a trend that will continue into February? Is it because more unprepared test-takers took the December exam? Was the exam harder than previous ones?

    I understand you won't definitively know the answer to all of those questions, but I'm interested in your opinion and how it will possibly affect the Feb 2010 administration.

  23. I got in the 7th percentile on my Dec LSAT and I am really bummed. However, it is partly my fault cause I really didnt study. I was too busy with classes and working two jobs. Anyways, my when I took the test I was really stressed and anxious because I didnt even know how to get to the testing center.

    Now, I am registered (rather, going to register)for the Feb LSAT. I know some schools do average the two scores. So if I were to score in the 170's and they average my score would that be a 150ish...? Or I know Georgetown takes the highest LSAT...

    Anyways, my main question is how should I prepare to take this again? How will I be certain that my score will improve by 30-40 points? & at this point is it okay to dream big? I would really love to get into one of the top 50 Law schools. I know I am very capable if I really want it.

  24. @ Michelle O, got the same as you, but I am not retaking until June '10. I wish you a 170/170+ for Feb, all the best!

  25. Thank you Cher M you are very sweet! I would like Steve to respond some day... :)

  26. @Sadaf

    If we know that "some animals sleep," then it doesn't HAVE to be true that "all animals sleep," so that choice could be eliminated. It does sound like you might be overanalyzing.

    A blog reader recently emailed LSAC about the use of the word "some."

    LSAC said, "[T]here are no special meanings given to words on the LSAT. The use of words on the LSAT is consistent with their use in ordinary language, including the word 'some'.

    Specifically, it is not correct... to say that in certain cases 'some' means 'all', while in other cases 'some' means only 'at least one'. The word 'some' never actually means 'all' (whether on the LSAT or in ordinary language). Instead, the relevant issue is whether or not a statement of the form 'some X are Y' rules out the possibility that all X are Y. Both in ordinary English and on the LSAT certain uses of the word 'some' will imply 'not all', while others will not. We ordinarily determine which understanding of 'some' is appropriate from the context in which the word is used, and the same holds for the LSAT."

    Hope this helps!


    I don't know anything about you, so it's difficult for me to give you advice about your law school essay. Check out my law school admissions book recommendations for detailed advice on personal statements.


    If you've already used some version of my schedule in the past (or even most of the books/exams in this schedule), use the retakers' schedule. Otherwise, use the regular schedule.


    Yes, there was a -14 curve, and, as you said, the curve is usually -9 to -11. It's probably a combination of more unprepared test-takers AND a harder exam. As for what will happen in the future, there's no point in speculating. However, since -14 is unusual, I'd say it'll probably be -9 to -11 like it usually is. I'd think less about the curve and more about studying.

    @Michelle O

    Sorry to hear about your December LSAT score (I've been on vacation - sorry for the delay in responding as well). If you want to go to a top school, you should take it in June at the earliest. You need more than 5.5 weeks to get a 30-40pt jump. Check out my 5-month schedule and follow it rigorously. Yes, it's still ok to dream big! While some top schools average LSAT scores, not all of them do, and some might discount your December score if your next one is significantly higher (and if you write a great addendum). Good luck!

  27. Hi Steve,

    Your site has been a big help. I'm taking the LSAT's again and already I found that I can get 11 points higher than I did the last time I took it (and the last time, I spent a ton of money on an lsat course...but that's another story).

    Anyway, I've been taking practice tests and find that I don't really have a specific type of question in the logical reasoning section that I always get wrong. I'm just consistently getting about 4-6 wrong in the last part of each section (mostly from about question 16 onwards), but the question types are from all over. How do score better in this area? thanks so much for your help!


  28. Hi Steve,

    I found your explanations of formal logic very helpful so thank you!

    I was just curious - if one postpones their lsat, would that show up on the record? I already canceled a previous lsat score and so I was wondering if it would be detrimental to have admissions see a canceled score and a postponed test.

    - Sabena

  29. @Sonia,

    Glad you stuck it out and saw a nice score increase on your own! At this point, it's really just a matter of refining your technique.


    Law schools won't see that you postponed, and one cancel is nothing to worry about.

  30. I just don't know how to improve. I took the September 2009 LSAT and got a 163 after consistently getting high 160s-low 170s on Practice Tests. I got plenty of sleep the night before the exam, wasn't nervous, and paced myself. But somewhere, I didn't score as high as I had expected. I'm worried that when I take the February 2010, I'll get nervous and panic. Do you have any tips?

  31. Hey Steve, i feel kinda bad dat i'm just finding out about your blog, it's really enlightening. I'm taking the Feb 2010 test.16 days time.the first and only LSAT i plan to ever take. Any last minute tips to increase my score?...PLEASE!

  32. How do i practice the three sections for the remaining days i have left?..I'm open to new ideas...i just want by score to be in the 160's before Test day and I KNOW that i can do it...so pleease i need your recommendation ASAP!

  33. And just so you know Steve, I graduated college 2008, i'm not working atall currently, i'm dedicating all my time to preparing for the LSAT and i spend up to 12hrs per day practicing and Yes, i split those 12hrs.Thanks

  34. @Anonymous 1/20 - Sorry to hear about your experience. The best way to address nervousness and panic is to take several full-length practice exams under test-like conditions. Check out this recent LSAT Test Day Tips blog post.

    @chattyzee - Glad you're enjoying the blog. I wish you'd found it sooner also! At this point, with about two weeks remaining, you should probably focus on full-length timed exams (assuming you've already learned the fundamentals. Check out my study schedules (for example, the 2-month LSAT study schedule) for tips on what to do in the final few weeks. Good luck!

  35. Hello Steve,

    I just wanted to send a quick note to express how much I enjoy your weekly email. I've taken the LSAT in the fall here in London, but I'm not sure I'll go back to the States for law school instead I may just do a conversion course and practice here (benefits include massive reduction in cost and I could potentially get to wear a wig!) In the meantime, I continue to read your tips and enjoy the logic games much like someone enjoys sudoku.

    Also further to your email it brought back my memory of the LSAT in London at the Ironmongers Hall. It was this fantastic building with wood panelling and oil paintings everyone sat at wooden desks some with leather arm chairs it really fit the scene for all of us aspiring future lawyers!

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to next week!



  36. Hi Steve,

    Someone suggested me to send you an email. Would you be willing to go over my Law School application and give me some pointers/feedbacks.

    I have already submitted my statement, but I'd be VERY curious if you could provide me an honest opinion. Thanks!

  37. Before I started studying extensively for the test I was consistently scoring 158-161. Now that I have finished all the bibles my scores are consistently 3-4 points lower. I can now dominate one or two sections but bomb the others, at least before there was some consistency. Is this common? What can I do?

  38. Hey steve thanks for the tip. I also saw your blog for those scoring lower than 160 and what to do, really worked for me. Now in preping for my test on Saturday, i'm concentrating more on gettting the most questions right in each section and not on answering all the questions.I'm rest assured the with all the hard work i put in, i'll come out in flying colours. Any last minute advice?

  39. I took the test today and had a hard games section (1st section) and an easy games section (3rd section). Do you know which was the experimental section?

  40. You must have had booklet A. my experimental was logic reasoning! but overall how do you did! I dont know what to think I'm still nervous and the whole thing is over!

  41. I had hard games section too (in section 1), and easy games section (section 3). hoping that first one is the experimental one. any idea guys?

  42. the game that counted was the one about the trails and the tv hosts selling the products...was that your hard one or easy one?

  43. I only had one games section and I don't think it had any games about tv hosts or trails. It was my first section and I thought it was pretty tough.

  44. Hi Steve, I am avid follower of your blog and was curious how much feedback you have gotten on the Feb 10 LSAT. I have taken timed practice tests and have consistently raised my score into the 170s to the point I more or less expected that. I am thinking nerves had something to do with it, but feel like I epically failed logic games and was considering canceling my score on this, the last day to do so. I was curious if you could give me any thoughts on this. I really am not sure if I broke 160, considering I estimate that I had 10-15 wrong of the 23 on the games section. I estimated that I have 20-30 wrong overall on the test, probably closer to the average on that. Considering I have never seen a released Feb exam, I have no idea what the curve would even look like. Please let me know what you think Steve. I will certainly read your blog going forward and will recommend to anyone I know taking the LSAT going forward..

  45. @Anonymous 1/29

    Sorry, I'm not available for free personal statement reviews.

    I wish you the best of luck, though!

    @Anonymous 1/30

    It sometimes takes time to adopt new techniques. Find the ones that work best for you and stick with them.


    My last-minute advice is contained in the Test Day tips blog posts. Hope it went well!

    @Anonymous 2/12

    Glad you're enjoying the blog!

    If you epically failed logic games, and you want anything close to the 170s, you should cancel.

    I'd recommend retaking in June and applying next cycle.

  46. Hi dear
    I’m preparing myself for LSAT. I have a serious problem in reading. My reading speed is very slow. I can answer only 15 logical reasoning tests during 35 min. Is it possible that my reading skill improves by reading more and more?

    thanks a lot

  47. Hi Sara,

    Sorry to hear it's going slow.

    Your speed will increase with your familiarity with the exam and with finding techniques that work for you.