Law School Personal Statement Guide

Law School Personal Statement GuideWhile the vast majority of content here on LSAT Blog is, unsurprisingly, about the LSAT, many of you frequently ask me about the law school personal statement.

While I do offer a variety of articles about the personal statement, many of you are looking for more comprehensive help.

As such, I've made A Comprehensive Guide to the Law School Personal Statement available for instant PDF download.

(I've published an excerpt from it about how to get your law school admission officer to like you, an excerpt about how to handle weaknesses on your law school application, and an excerpt about what you should attempt to communicate in your personal statement.)


Whether you've already taken the LSAT and moved on to completing your law school applications, or you're just looking to take a break from your LSAT prep and work on your personal statement, you can use this book from personal statement editor Maggie as a general guide.

The table of contents includes:

Cracking the Code: Conceptualizing the Personal Statement
-The Personal Statement’s Place in the Law School Application
-Your Personal Statement’s Place in Your Application
-Know Your Audience: Admissions Officers are Normal People
-Your Personal Statement Will Be Read Quickly
-The Personal Statement is an American Cultural Product

Connect To Stand Out: The Four Goals of the Personal Statement
-Goal 1: The reader should like you.
--Tell a Story of Struggle and Triumph
-Goal 2: The reader should be impressed by you (as a candidate, person, and writer)
-Goal 3: The reader should remember you and your essay
-Goal 4: The reader should understand why you are applying to Law school

Soul-Searching Meets Strategizing: Planning The Personal Statement
-Get Help!
-Brainstorming: Interview Yourself
-Choose ONE Topic.
-Choose a Personal Topic (Not Professional or Private.)
-Emphasize Your Strengths
-Handle Your Weaknesses
-Outlining: The Basics
-Your Introduction
-Your Conclusion
-The Body of Your Essay
-The Body of Your Essay: Chronological Order
-The Body of Your Essay: The Next Logical Step/ The Missing Piece

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Writing The Personal Statement
-Tone: Be Personal
-Tone: Be Positive
-Tone: The “Just Right” Level of Formality
-Show, Don’t Tell
-Use Dialogue (Or Soliloquy)
-Finessing Details: Make it a Story
-Vanquish Vagueness
-Humility and Confidence: More Ways to be Likable

Obsessives, Welcome Home: Editing the Personal Statement
-Utter Perfection
-Read It Out Loud
-Get Help!
-Let Your Computer Help You Edit
-Taking Stock: Is It Finished?

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