Should Nursing Moms Get Extra Time on the LSAT?

Should LSAT Extra Time NursingWhile LSAC recently granted double-time to a test-taker with ADD, the ACLU reports that LSAC denied a nursing mother's request for extra time on the LSAT to pump breastmilk for her 5-month-old baby.

The ACLU argues (emphasis mine):

LSAC has a blanket policy of refusing such requests from women who are breastfeeding, because they are not considered “disabled.” This puts breastfeeding women at a significant disadvantage. Babies typically eat every two to three hours; if moms are away from their babies and aren’t able to empty their breasts on the same schedule, it causes pain, possible infection, and reduction in milk supply. Without sufficient time to pump, Ashley, and other moms in her position, will become increasingly uncomfortable as the test progresses—a serious distraction that could lead to a lower score, not to mention the health risks.

What do you all think?

Are women who nurse unfairly disadvantaged by being denied extra time to pump breastmilk?

Or would all the other test-takers be disadvantaged in comparison by getting a shorter break than nursing moms do?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Hmm, to me this is a little different than the ADD case--having extra time during the break, when you have a specific medical activity to perform, seems like much less of an advantage than extra time on the test. And I'm envisioning the un-accommodated mother pumping during the test--think of the disadvantage to the test-takers around her! LSAC wouldn't allow a breast pump in the testing location, you say? Hand-expression would be muuuch more distracting, says I.

  2. That's just not right. Nursing moms need a private room to express and should definitely be allotted extra time to do so. It's like 20 minutes. Letdown is so uncomfortable. I think LSAC needs an attitude adjustment.