How I helped Allison increase her LSAT score from 150s to 170

Allison increased her score from the 150s to 170. That's a 15+ point jump!

Check out this email she sent me:
Email from my LSAT student, Allison

But how'd she do it? The poor girl was plagued with stress and anxiety.

In her LSAT Diary, she wrote:

I had every workbook, every practice test, every possible resource, and yet I felt really stuck a few months into studying for the LSAT. I was nowhere near my goal in terms of scoring, and I felt like I was doing everything I could do without making any progress. I was studying hours every day over the summer, working on logic puzzles and logical reasoning questions until my frustration and exhaustion would become too much. It was a terrible routine, and I was feeling more and more defeated every time I studied.

Finally, after a few months of studying and not a lot of improvement, I found Steve's blog and began reading, and ultimately I realized that Steve's strategies and ways of talking about the LSAT on his blog resonated with me and helped things click into place, and I hadn't even accessed any of his study materials yet. I decided to buy some tutoring sessions, and to take his online video courses.

Within a few days of watching Steve's videos, I was getting better and faster at the LSAT. My thought process became more efficient and organized, and I no longer agonized over different answer choices. Then, in my tutoring sessions with Steve, I was able to discuss in detail with him questions that stumped me, and I began to identify patterns of mistakes I was making that I could now rectify with his help. With more confidence than I had felt in months, I threw myself back into studying for the test, and I was overjoyed to see my score slowly but surely climbing towards my goal.

I worked with Caroline, one of my favorite students, a few years ago. She ended up scoring perfect on Logic Games after a few sessions with me!

How'd she do it?

I met with Steve and his advice was invaluable. He made something I had struggled with for so long look so easy. He showed me a completely different way of approaching games that would have taken me 10 minutes or more and taught me shortcuts that cut that time in half. Steve’s help with logic games combined with my determination to remain calm and collected about the test had me scoring an average of 173-174 leading up to test day.

If you're struggling with any areas in particular, or suffering from test anxiety, it can sometimes be easier to work with someone personally.

I'll soon have a few openings in m
y schedule for highly-motivated and high-performing students who are willing to invest significant time and energy in their LSAT prep.

Because even with all the courses, books, and free resources, the fastest way to get the score you need is by working directly with somebody one-on-one who's already been through the process.

So, if you'd like help identifying and improving on your weak areas, or just feel stressed about everything in general, reach out and let me know.

LSAT Coaching is for you:

* if you want me to give you some guidance on your study schedule.

* if you want me to analyze what you're doing wrong in problem areas (and give you ways to correct those problems).

* if you feel like you need some one-on-one help but don't have time to start over with a whole new course of prep.

So, if you feel like LSAT coaching might help with your situation, or you just want to say "Hi," just reach out and let me know, and we can talk more about it.

-Steve (LSAT Coach)

P.S. For those of you who are feeling pretty good about your understanding of the LSAT, that's great! Either way, if you'd like some of my best advice on preparing for unexpected Test Day disasters.... I've got more coming your way on that next time.

P.P.S. Aside from one-on-one coaching, some find it especially helpful to get coached alongside other highly-motivated students in a group. That's why I created 3PC: The 3 Percent ClubClick here to find out more.

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