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How to get ready for LSAT test day, tl;dr style: 

1. Practice at least once or twice on a small desk.
2. Bring layers in case the room is too hot or cold.
3. Practice in rooms where the temperature is slightly uncomfortable.
4. Try to take a few practice tests in the very room where you'll take the real thing.
5. Do at least one or two practice tests in distracting environments (like coffee shops and libraries).

That was pretty short, so here's some bonus advice on what to do re: timing and proctors:

-Confirm with the proctor beforehand that you'll get 35 minutes per section, a 5-minute warning before the end of each section, and a 15-minute break between the 3rd and 4th sections.

(Be very polite about this. Proctors are the police / dictators of the room. Their word is law, so respect their authority. However, this doesn't mean you can't say something if they're cutting you short on time.)

Anecdotal evidence (reports from students) indicates that LSAC generally does nothing for people shorted on time or not given a 5-minute warning. Of course, most test-takers probably don't experience this problem, but if it happens to you, it'll be a big deal.

This is just one of the things that you need to be ready to handle on Test Day. If you'd like more of my best material on how to deal with the situations you're most likely to face on Test Day, my LSAT and Test Day checklists go into more detail about how to simulate Test Day and be ready for anything (even bad proctors).

And if you get them now, you'll maximize the time you have between now and Test Day to take what you discover and put it into practice. 

Because the completely unexpected might happen. And how do you prepare for the unexpected?

How do you change your mind so you're ready for ANYTHING the test-makers, the proctors, and the universe itself might throw at you?

That's the question I've been working on over the past several years.

In fact, I've made it my mission to prepare my students for the "human element" of the exam - to go beyond just the exam content and question types.

And the results have been incredible.

Steve Schwartz

P.S. I've been getting a lot of questions about how to review wrong answers, so I'll make sure to cover that next time.

P.P.S. If you're struggling with anything in particular right now, just reach out - I read every message myself.

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