How to ACE LSAT Logic Games

Let me start this with a question.

Do you love LSAT logic games?
When you do, you’ll be far more likely to ace the test with a perfect score.

I know it sounds insane, but if you do enough logic games, you will start enjoying them.  

BUT, you’ve got to approach them in the right way. If you just go through dozens of games with the same old techniques, you may not improve, and it’ll drive you crazy.

Fortunately, I’ve already been to the edge of madness so you don’t have to. It was there that I cracked the LSAT code

When my sanity returned, I was armed with tons of invaluable techniques that you can use to achieve out perfect scores on logic games time after time.

(In fact, I wrote some of the more essential elements down; check out these 5 ways to solve logic games in under 7 minutes.)

Remember last time we talked about diagrams? The link above will help you use the best diagrams for each game type, in a limited space.

But I’m not done sharing advice with you for today - so have a look at these 7 techniques that will set you apart from the pack.

1. See letters as variables.
Forget names or people and avoid thinking of the game's "topic". Instead, look for the relationships between letters.

2. Easily categorize.
The same logic games are often repeated, they’re just wrapped up in disguise. Try to identify what type of game you’re looking at and tackle it appropriately. 

3. Focus on key words in set-up and rules.
Learn obsessive attention to detail.

4. Diagram efficiently.
Remember you don’t have much space for diagrams, so use minimal writing and symbolize the rules of the game.

5. Create minimum # of diagrams.
You can always reuse previous diagrams, saving valuable time – try it!

6. Budget time well.
Determine whether it's worth spending more time on main diagram or on questions.

7. Learn to stop worrying and love the LSAT Logic Games!

And thi is just the tip of the iceberg. We can delve deeper into logic games to gain a full understanding of just how to pull them apart and laugh at their predictability.

Next time :)

Forever yours,

LSAT Steve

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