LSAT Logic Games patterns you can use

So, last time I gave you a bunch of strategies to help you up your LSAT game. How have they been working out for you? Really, let me know; I’m always thrilled to hear your feedback – just reach out.

Today, let’s all laugh at the logic games the LSAT throws at us!
Seriously, once you learn just how predictable these games are, you’ll be bulldozing through them.

I like to look at the LSAT as if it’s my annoying little brother. It will try to annoy the hell out of you, and will often be illogical in its attempts to do so. Kinda crazy for a test of logic, right?

But, just like an annoying little brother, you can learn to identify and manipulate these childish habits to your own advantage.

You can categorize most logic games into two main categories, grouping and linear. They can occasionally be combined, or split into sub categories, but the same features and patterns return time and time again.

Take a look at how these same logic games have reappeared in LSAT tests over the years, like a zombie returning time after time.

Like a zombie, once you know your enemy and its weaknesses, it’s not overly difficult to recognize and defeat it.

If you need more help recognizing and solving particular logic games, take a look over my blog. For example, I’ve diagrammed a very typical logic game right here.

The best advice for logic games has got to be know your enemy! Once you know the games inside out, you’ll be able to easily recognize the patterns they’re using.

Next time, we’ll look at some tricky wording that can come up in both Logic Games and Logical Reasoning.

And, as you know, on the LSAT, wording makes all the difference.

Talk soon,
LSAT Steve

P.S if you’re still struggling with logic games, get in touch and let me know what’s giving you the most trouble. I read each message myself and will do whatever I can to help.

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  1. Thanks for the useful tips and advice for logic games. I agree that always must know the enemy to have chances to win the game.