Some bonus LSAT materials for you

Just wanted to share with you a few free LSAT prep bonuses for continuing to read my articles.

The 1st book is full of excellent advice from my former students who got major score increases. I’ll share more about HOW they did it in the future, but just wanted to give you something quick in the meantime.

101 Tips from Top LSAT Scorers

And, the 2nd book, well, that’s something else.

It’s full of interviews with my buddy (and former LSAT question-writer!) Dr. Stephen Harris. We chatted a lot about how to see things from the test-makers' perspective, which requires a little something I call the LSAT Mindset. (More on that another time.)

Behind the Scenes with a Former LSAT Question-Writer

And here’s a photo of Dr. Harris in the flesh!

How to get your copy of each book:

Step 1. Click those links.

Step 2. Click File --> Download As PDF

Take a look at those and read them as a break from other studying. They’re pretty good “light” LSAT reading.

I hope they help you!


P.S. Seriously - check these out, or at leas
t download them while you have this open. Next time, I’ll share a free worksheet to help you get more into the LSAT mindset.

Recommended Resources:
1. LSAT Explanations
The explanations that should have come with the LSAT. These don't just fall back on "out of scope," but actually tell you why the wrong answers are wro
ng, why the right answers are right, and the easiest way to get the correct answer.

2. Mastering LSAT Logic Games
This guide to Logic Games is by former LSAT question-writer Dr. Harris himself! Enough said.

3. Law School Personal Statement Guide
Personal statements can be hard because you have so much freedom. You can basically say anything you want, and that lack of guidance can cause a serious case of writer’s block. In situations like this, a little bit of direction can go a long way. This guide provides tips on conceptualizing, planning, writing, and editing the law school personal statement.

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