Is Ten Hours in a Single Day Too Much to Study for the LSATs?

LSAT Blog Days WeekA student asked me this recently, and the answer is "yes." Your brain can't process that amount of info at a time. Even if it could, you can't possibly maintain that schedule for longer than a week - you'd burn out. Instead, study at a moderate pace for 2-3 months. It's more effective than cramming everything into a single week or two.

Here are some other questions that you all sent me recently, and my responses to them. Feel free to send more!

Will I get a score just for writing my name on the LSAT?

Yes. You get a 120 simply for writing your name. However, I'm sorry to tell you that you won't get into most law schools with this score. You do need to answer at least a few questions in order to get into law school.

How many PrepTests will it take to increase someone's LSAT score?

Everyone is different. If you're shooting for a top score, try to complete exams 29-56. If you don't have enough time to do all of those, take several of the newer exams. Only do the exams before PrepTest 29 if you know you'll have enough time to do the newer ones. Why? Because older PrepTests contain rare Logic Games types (such as Pattern and Circle games) that haven't come up in several years. If you have enough time, it's great to learn those too, but only look at them if you're comfortable with typical Logic Games (Linear / Sequencing, Grouping, and combinations of the two).

The LSAT gives me a headache. How can I sharpen my logical reasoning skills?

Crosswords and sudoku can help you boost your spatial reasoning ability. However, these puzzles are worth your time only if you have several months before you'll be taking the LSAT OR if you have fun doing them. If that's not the case, just stick to doing real LSAT Logic Games. Staying healthy in general (exercise, eating right, doing those things your mother told you) will help to keep your mind sharp.

Can you puh-lease take the LSAT for me? I'll give you boatloads of cash.

If you can find someone who will take it for you, chances are that they're not smart enough to get you a top score. Besides the fact that it's immoral, it's not worth the risk. If you wire several million dollars to my account in the Cayman Islands, it might change my mind, though.

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  1. When you say "try to complete exams 29-56", do you mean complete those exams as timed exams? Or, do you mean get through the material?
    I have the LSAT Flex on Jan 16, and have your 1 month study guide to boost what I've already started with Mike-Kim's 8-week plan via LSAT Trainer. I love your LG approach - WAY more clear for me.