LSAT Test Center Ratings and Reviews

Did you take the LSAT last week? Please add to these LSAT test center ratings and reviews!

If you haven't registered for the LSAT yet, take a look to help you decide where to register.

The comments on Columbia University's LSAT test center indicate that it's the sort of test center you'd want to avoid:
"Seemed there were too many LSAT test takers or we were moved because of the SAT II test takers, but were placed in an auditorium with pretty cramped seating. Proctors were quick/efficient. Desktop pulled up from arm rest, slightly smaller than the LSAT booklet."


  1. I'm taking the June LSAT at Queens College in Flushing. It was the only available center with space when I signed up in early March. Do you know anything about this center? It isn't on the list.

  2. Hey Petal,

    Can't say anything about Queens College in particular. Hope it works out!


  3. Well, your lips to God's ears! I will remember to post something about it on June 9!

  4. I just tried to register for the Lsat in New York and failed (I know, I'm late out of the gate). Are there only two test centers and should I be concerned that I'm on a waitlist? Or should I try for Rutgers? I don't know who to ask :( Please help...

  5. Update: in NYC, they open additional testing sites, usually in midtown, so if you are in the same position I was in, chill out and wait :) Also, I found the process was extremely long (7 hours), so be prepared!