How to Ace Reading Comprehension | 7 Habits

This is the 3rd part of a 3-part series detailing the 7 habits of highly effective law school applicants on each LSAT section. I already covered Logic Games and Logical Reasoning.

1. Recognize the passage's main point / opinion.
Find the overarching theme of the passage.

2. Keep track of various opinions presented by individuals or groups.
Understand the role that each paragraph plays in advancing each point of view.

3. Have a consistent and effective note-taking strategy.
Read my LSAT Reading Comp note-taking advice so that you won't have to re-read the whole passage to answer questions. You need to be able to find relevant info quickly.

4. Stay within the information provided in the passage.
Be able to support each inference you make with a specific line or paragraph.

5. As in Logical Reasoning, focus on structure, not content.
Break apart each paragraph as if it were a Logical Reasoning stimulus.

6. Get a sense of where questions will come from as you read the passage.
Mark off important areas and recognize extra / filler details for what they are. A note-taking strategy helps with this.

7. Learn to stop worrying and love LSAT Reading Comprehension.
Do enough Reading Comprehension passages that you can treat it as an exercise.