Daily LSAT Question by Email and Phone

UPDATE: Sorry, this is no longer available. LSAC does not permit free disclosure of any actual LSAT questions other than the June 2007 LSAT. You can learn where to get online LSAT prep materials in Best LSAT Prep Books.

Reminder: my Twitter alter ego, sends out a free LSAT explanation every weekday on Twitter. If you don't use Twitter or have no idea what it is, you can check out my original LSAT question of the day post. There, I show you how to receive the explanations by phone, email, and RSS.

Exams explained by @LSATBlog:

June 2007 LSAT - unnumbered (PDF)


  1. you're a wonderful person for doing this

  2. hey just signed up for your updates on twitter.....not sure if I understand how to read the question and answer but to reiterate the previous comment THANX SO MUCH for doing this for free....

  3. marry me, steve.