5 Ways to Win the Hearts of Law School Admissions Deans

Sometimes it can feel like the law school admissions deans are the popular kids everyone wants to date. Here are 5 strategies to help you win the affections of your favorite admissions dean.

1. Get a well-regarded alumnus to send a letter on your behalf.
It's like having their closest friends vouch for you.

2. Apply on the day the law school begins taking applications (Sep/Oct).
Be the first one to ask them to the prom and beat the competition.

3. First win the hearts of professors and employers to get killer rec letters.
It'll make them jealous and wonder what their law school's missing.

4. If they "play hard to get" and waitlist you, be persistent (but don't overdo it).
See question 2 in my interview with a Virginia Law admissions dean.

5. Donate several million dollars to the law school.
When all else fails, showering them with money can do the trick.

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