LSAC's Rules for Changing Your LSAT Test Date

Update: See Cancel, Postpone, or Absent?

I would like to point you all to two recent posts on Anna Ivey's blog. Also, see my interview with Anna Ivey on LSAT Blog if you haven't already.

The two posts are:

1. New Rule for Changing Your LSAT Test Date

2. A Law School Professor's Advice to an Applicant

Along the lines of the first post linked above, here's some last-minute news about LSAT registration fee waivers:

Current Fee Waiver Forms Extended Until April 25, 2009

If you are seeking a fee waiver for the June 2009 LSAT, you may use the current fee waiver form, even though it states that it should not be used after March 1. Apply for this fee waiver using 2007 tax forms. LSAC will continue to accept the current fee waiver form until April 25. If your fee waiver is approved, you will still have time to register for the June 2009 LSAT administration.