How to Cancel Your LSAT Score

LSAT Blog How Cancel Your ScoreIf you intend to cancel your LSAT score or to be absent, please my post on canceling or being absent.

After your test, please submit your LSAT test center reviews to help future test-takers.

This post includes excerpts from LSAC's website explaining how to cancel your LSAT score. It also includes info from LSAC about how score cancellations and absences appear on your score report. Here the LSAT score cancellation form (PDF).

Canceling Your LSAT Score
LSAC says:

We must receive a signed fax or overnight letter with your request within six calendar days of the test. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your request within four calendar days after your request was submitted, contact LSAC immediately. If your request has not been processed, you may submit proof that your request was received at LSAC within the required period. Documentation of proof of receipt will not be accepted beyond 14 calendar days after the test. You can also cancel your score at the test center if you are absolutely certain you want to cancel your score.

How Cancellations and Absences Appear on Your Score Report

Both score cancellations and absences do appear on your LSAC score report. This means they're reported to law schools.

LSAC says:
The score report that is displayed online or mailed to you will show your current test results, along with the results of all tests—up to 12—...including absences and cancellations. An average score is also calculated and reported when you have more than one reportable score.
However, test date postponements and registration cancellations made by LSAC's deadline (3 weeks before the exam date) do not appear on score reports.

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  1. Man...I personally thought that LSAT was pretty hard compared to practice ones Ive taken.Tthe Games section on my test (which went LR,G,LR,RC,LR) was one of the hardest I have come across; it had a game that took up the entire page and left no room for configuring a diagram. The RC section had a comparative paragraph(s) that was also among the hardest ive seen; luckly, the LR section was not that rough - I still believe I will have to take the September LSAT to reach my goal.= :(

  2. I had LR/LG/RC/LR/LG on 10/3 Oct test. LG was my experimental. In the LR there was NOT one "main point" question. That irked me lol. That game in LG was a monster there wasnt even an acceptability question on it i think. I canceled my score and re-taking it december. I could only get to question 18 on the LR, 2 games on the LG, and 2 Passages on the RC.. I need timing practice as accuracy is no problem. If i'm going to skip i want to determine what to skip not the LSAT determine for me. LSAC says if you cancel and your test was "disclosed" you get a copy of "the credited responses for the scored sections" so you'll end up knowing how you did anyways. No point to have a low score on the record