Creating an LSAT Test Day Playlist | Songs and mp3

LSAT Blog Test Day Playlist Songs mp3One way to reduce Test Day stress is to listen to music that will PUMP. YOU. UP.

Listen to these before taking a practice test, and listen to them on the way to your test center, if you like.

Besides, creating a playlist isn't procrastinating if it helps you do well on the LSAT, right?

If you're too lazy to create your own playlist, or you don't know what an mp3 is, Jock Jams works well. If you're really short on time, I highly recommend the 3-minute Jock Jam Megamix (wiki). I guess you could always just listen to that on repeat, but you'd probably get sick of it before long.

These sites are good if you'd rather just have some white noise:

A few weeks ago on the LSAT Blog Fan Page, blog reader Justin suggested the following songs for "getting you pumped before a practice test":

1. CAKE - "The Distance"
2. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (Rocky 3)
3. Paul Engemann - Push it to the Limit (Scarface) (1983)
4. Europe - The Final Countdown (also see this, Arrested Development fans)

I agree - these are all great choices. I'd like to add anything by Rage Against the Machine, particularly "Wake Up" and "Vietnow," A-Trak's remix of Stronger by Kanye West, I Run This by Birdman, and Planisphere by Justice. I could go on and on, but I'll let you make your own playlist.

Tip - only listen to the songs on your playlist before taking each practice test and on Test Day. You want to train yourself to associate these songs with rocking the LSAT.

I'd love to hear your recommendations. What songs will you include in your LSAT playlist?

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  1. I always liked listening to Jack's Mannequin albums (Everything in Transit 2005 and The Glass Passenger 2008) to motivate me before doing LSAT practice. I also listened to my favorite song Dark Blue on test day September 26. I always listen to inspirational music on test day though.

  2. That's funny that you listed the Survivor song. Call me a cheeseball, but for the past several weeks, I've had a post-it note stuck above my desk with a line from that song: "Though his body says, 'Stop,' his spirit cries, 'Never!'"

    Another obvious one would be Billy Joel's "Pressure." Personally, I'd need something on the list with some metal to pump me up right before the exam--perhaps "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.

  3. Ha! I love this. I listened to Miley Cyrus' "party in the usa", Mariah Carey's "obsessed", Lil Wayne's "pussy monster" (hastily aborted - mother in car) and Billy Currington's "people are crazy" on the way to the test.

    I do not recommend this as a pre-LSAT play list, for a number of reasons.

  4. you are making me sentimental! I have the Cake album (Fashion Nugget, I believe) and "The Distance" is a great song. Survivor and Europe take me back to my 80s days. Good stuff, Steve. But for the ultimate 80s cheeze - check out this tune/movie:

  5. Oops, my bad. The Survivor song I mentioned was from a different Rocky movie (IV maybe?)--the one where he goes to what was then the Soviet Union.

    Always bet on Rocky though. I think I'll swallow some egg yolks and go run the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art now.

  6. How about Michael Jackson's new song "This is it" I think this is great song to calm your fears.

  7. Rabbit Run by Eminem!

  8. Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries.

  9. holy crap! - i am downloading Justice"s Planisphere right now- and I've only heard part 1! Great recommendation as I get lyrics stuck in my head, which I dont want. The Kills' Midnight Boom Cd is good, lot drums, but lyrics. Listened to TV Pro by The Vines last night, but again lyrics. I think Two Steps Twice by the Foals is great.

  10. Haha...I love that you included Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger."

  11. my pre test pump up music:
    - remember the name- fort minor
    - survivor- destiny's child
    - mr. saxobeat- alexandra stan
    - bleed it out- linkin part
    - fighter- christina aguilera

    good luck to everyone writing in October!

  12. here's some of my playlist:
    - everyone's rooting for you - sondre lerche & the faces down quartet
    - tightrope - janelle monae
    - jungle - frente
    - i'll get you, i mean it - helium
    - boys wanna be her - peaches
    - irish blood, english heart - morrissey
    - happiest days of my life - my favourite
    - what makes you happy - liz phair
    - jump start - the hang-ups
    - i know where i'm going - the judds
    - happiness is all the rage - the promise ring

  13. yes julie thank you i can feel my score going up to these songs

  14. also..... dev & cataracs' top of the world