Deciding to Take June vs October LSAT | Pros and Cons

LSAT Blog Decide June OctoberI've already covered the benefits of taking the June LSAT instead of the February LSAT.

Generally speaking, I also believe it's better to take June LSAT than it is to take the October and December LSATs (for admissions-related reasons).

(This post is based upon the assumption that you're taking the LSAT less than a year before you intend to apply to law school. If you're planning way ahead, this won't apply to you.)

Benefits of taking the June LSAT
  • It's better for your law school admissions chances because it allows you to apply at the beginning of the admissions cycle. Law schools typically begin accepting applications September 1, September 15, October 1, or October 15. Applying at the beginning of the cycle is especially important for top law schools.
  • You can be done with the LSAT sooner. If the June LSAT goes well, you can be done with it for good and relax this summer.
  • You have more chances to retake. If the June LSAT doesn't go well (or if you're sick, have a family issue, someone vomits on you during the test, etc.) and you have to retake, you can retake in October and still apply relatively early in the cycle.
  • The June LSAT is the only LSAT offered in the afternoon. No need to get on an early sleep schedule. If you take it outside a city, you may not have to go to the trouble of sleeping away from home the night before.
  • The June LSAT is the only LSAT offered on a Monday. Normally, Sabbath observers have to take the LSAT on a different date than everyone else, and LSAC does not release Sabbath tests (scroll to bottom). This means Sabbath test-takers never get to see their exam booklet and answer sheet. However, because the regular June LSAT is on a Monday, all test-takers (except those outside North America) get to see their exam booklet and answer sheet. This is useful for planning a retake.

Benefits of taking the October LSAT
  • Maybe you like getting up super-early, and the afternoon is too late for you to think.
  • You don't have to (seriously) begin your studying now.
  • Additionally, if you're a college student, consider:
* The June LSAT is offered soon after most schools' final exams typically end. You might not want to divide your attention between finals and LSAT studying in April and May.

* The October LSAT allows you the entire summer to study without being distracted by schoolwork (if you don't take summer classes). You still have to get through the first 1.5 months of the semester or so, but things probably won't be too intense that early in the semester. If you use the summer wisely, you can get through the vast majority of your LSAT studying then.


What do you all think? What's impacting your decision re: June vs. October?

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  1. The June LSAT is on the Monday of my Finals Week........

  2. In some countries, the June exam this year is on a Sunday, not a monday. I'm not sure if it's in the afternoon, though.

  3. I know that some schools (I spoke specifically to admissions at UCLA) have been pushing back both when they begin accepting applications and the deadline for early admission programs because this years LSAT is a month later than last years.

  4. David, I know your pain. The June LSAT is also on the Monday of my finals week. I'm seriously considering postponing the LSAT until October, but I am really worried about rolling admissions and getting letters of rec.

  5. Trying to decide whether to move to October as well. Finals + studying for LSAT is forcing me to half ass BOTH. I don't need double the stress either. I think I will wait....but then I worry about admissions and losing out on all the other june benefits....sigh.

    Conclusion: I'm thinking it's better to apply later with a great score than to apply early w/ a crappy/decent score.

  6. what are the benefits of taking the test in Dec and/or Feb? I have been out of school for a year now, and am working full time. Per your suggestion, I think it would be best for me to apply at the beginning of the cycle too, but to wait almost a year from now before taking the exam seems a bit ridiculous. Advise, please!