Free LSAT Proctor mp3 Download

Free LSAT Proctor mp3 downloadBlog reader Ryan recently emailed me:
I think that using the LSAT Proctor DVD can be a great asset during studying, but I also can't justify spending $25 dollars on it. This led me to create a similar mp3 with the Proctor prompts and noise distractions built into it. I have thrown the mp3 up on my blog for free download /or play.
The mp3 version for free download is "good if you are going to play it on an mp3 player, iPhone/iTouch or want to always have access to it."

The version for streaming play is "good if you are at a computer that you can't download to or are away from your main computer."

Of course, this is sound-only, so it lacks the visual component that the SimuGator LSAT Proctor DVD has.

However, it's still a good alternative to the DVD if you:

-don't have $25 to spend for the DVD

-want to try out something with distractions before getting the DVD

-want to take PrepTests while traveling but won't have a DVD player/laptop with you

The mp3 is only 35 minutes long (the length of one LSAT section). However, if you download the mp3, you can "loop" it to repeat. This will allow you to take LSAT sections back-to-back with distractions. Alternatively, if you're only streaming the mp3 from your computer, you can take a second or two to click and replay the mp3 to do multiple sections.

The mp3 doesn't have various levels of distraction like the DVD does. However, you can adjust the volume level of the mp3 depending upon how much you want to be annoyed while you're taking a practice test.

Big ups to Ryan for creating this mp3!

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  1. Can't wait to take this for a test run. Thanks to Ryan for creating and sharing, and thanks to Steve for posting this here!

  2. You are welcome! Let me know if you have any recommendations for the update.


  3. I NEEDED THIS! still do! Thanks! I am very short on money and will barely have the funds to buy a recent practice test...and cannot leave the house at the time I have free to study (which is at night when the world is silent). God bless you, seriously. lol

  4. That comment made my day. I'm glad it will help.

    I completely understand the need to make money as a business, but with all the money we shell out toward practice tests, study guides and courses, paying that much for the Proctor DVD is just too much for me. If it were even $15 dollars with shipping, maybe. ~$30 with shipping and it is out of my range.

    Let me know how the test goes for you -- I'm in full on panic mode myself.

    Padawan Law

  5. This is amazing and so very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Thanks a million!!

  7. Thank you so much! This is very useful in the library, where I need a quiet environment but I can't have a loud timer that goes off. I just put this in my iPod and listen to it through my headphones. It's great!

  8. You're awesome for doing this.
    Thank you.

  9. THANK YOU RYAN!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Link is down. Mirror?

  11. Second. Please re-upload

  12. Honestly, I had no idea that people were still using this. I've reposted the site for those who still need it for practicing. I changed servers and did not transfer this site because I thought it had outlived its use; I'm sorry to those who have missed it!

    - Ryan

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks a lot. I just tried it with my RC section.... It was a really distraction.... I really need to justify myself for this distraction!!!! Once again, thanks for the great work.