Free LSAT Prep iPhone App

Free LSAT Prep iPhone AppUPDATE: This is no longer available as an iPhone app.

However, you can still get the free mp3 version.


LSAT Blog reader Ryan has now turned his free LSAT Proctor mp3 into a free LSAT Prep iPhone app.

He writes:

It features all five sections for the LSAT with vocal prompts for “Start, 5-Minutes, and Stop.” It also contains a break in the appropriate placement as well. The app has built in distractions to help you acclimate your studies to potential testing day conditions. If you are already confident in your abilities to tune out distractions and what to focus on timing conditions, the distractions can be turned off in the settings menu...

Unlike the MCAT, the LSAT is a written test and does not allow any type of noise-canceling headphones; therefore, the LSAT can often be a cacophony of pencil scratches, sneezes, coughs, weather/animal noises, chair creeks and paper crumbles. Practicing with the LSAT Proctor app will help to numb you to these distractions allowing you to focus on the test at hand. The app utilizes a series of randomized sounds to ensure that you do not become accustomed to the particular distractions; the randomization ensures that you will learn to conquer whatever distractions come your way and not just a particular series of distractions.

If you find that timing is not your problem, but you still are having trouble concentrating with noises, use the app's "Unlimited Noise" settings to disregard vocal prompts and timing conditions to focus on conquering the LSAT under any condition!

Everyone, please thank Ryan for his generosity in sharing this for free!


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for creating and posting this- perfect!

  3. could you do this for the blackberry also? thanks

  4. Dude thanks a lot I really appreciate it.

  5. Any other good iPhone apps out there Steve? Sometimes when waiting for the train I'd like to squeeze in some prep time.

  6. This app is very useful. I tried to use it a few times while doing logic games. After a minute into a game I would totally forget that there are all these noises going on around me. Once in a while I would hear a really loud cough or a sneeze, which is kind of jumpy at first, but that's exactly what all of us need to get used to while taking the test. Highly recommended!

  7. Thank you Ryan!! VERY HELPFUL APP