Logic and Games, YouTube Edition

* Cold weather got you down? Will Smith's had a solution for you since 1998. [YouTube]

* Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel don't know what "Internet" is, but try to explain it in this 1994 clip. [YouTube]

* Stick-up man Omar Little disses criminal defense attorney Maurice Levy in The Wire (start at 6:48). [YouTube]

* Funny video promotes online dating for sea captains and the ladies who love them. [YouTube]

* Daredevils explore the subway tunnels, train tracks, and bridges of NYC. [YouTube; NYTimes]

* Abraham Lincoln hunted vampires, and books now have movie trailers. [YouTube; Amazon]

* David Cross and Will Arnett were reunited this past fall in a surprisingly-good TV show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. [YouTube]

* Today Show hosts are good sports about The Onion's hilarious spoofs. [MSNBC]

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