LSAT Diary: Law School Acceptance Call

LSAT Blog Law School Acceptance Call LSAT DiaryThis installment of LSAT Diaries comes from Kerrianne, who previously wrote an LSAT Diary about her prep.

In this LSAT Diary, she updates us on her experiences (and acceptances!) in the law school admissions process.

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Kerrianne's LSAT Diary:I'm done with the LSAT and have been for awhile. My GPA is "good " and I go to a great school. The College of Business I am enrolled in is ranked nationally. My work experience is outstanding and I have been published for my research in my law professor's book.

Furthermore, I knew that I would have great letters of recommendation as I have worked hard for the past four years. I revised my resume and made it 2 pages (many law schools allow this because there is no interview and they want to get to know you as best as possible.)

I have applied to three schools so far and I really only want to apply to one more. I have been accepted to two of the three and I have yet to hear back from the other one. Funny enough I got accepted into a school in California that I didn't even apply to. Something about that makes me wonder... how could they grant admission to someone when they haven't viewed my resume or personal statement?

Anyway, so far my favorite part of the whole LSAT/Application process was that I attended Graduate School Fairs and Pre-Law Fairs and I developed a good relationship with the three recruiters from my top 3 favorite schools. I have been able to keep in contact with them for the past few months which has alleviated some stress in my life.

My applications went in the week of Christmas (Happy holidays, let me into your law school), and while I was still at home over break my cell phone rang. That is a pretty weird thing to happen as I despise talking on the phone and anyone who has my number knows that. I didn't answer the phone because I didn't recognize the number, but when I listened to the voicemail I heard the voice of one of the recruiters telling me to call her. I immediately thought "What did I forget to do on my application?" I called her back, we made small talk, and after a few minutes she told me that she was calling to congratulate me on my acceptance into their law school.

6 days before my letter of acceptance crossed her desk. You can try to imagine my excitement as I thought the call was about me messing up my application only to find out that I was accepted into the law program. It is worth it to communicate frequently with the recruiters. I jumped up and down for awhile, told my mom, called my dad, text my sisters, and emailed the attorney I work for. I will always remember that call because it made my dream a reality:

I am officially going to law school!

While I wait to hear back from another school or two more I have considered retaking the LSAT, as a higher score (I kid you not - one point higher than my score) would make me eligible for good scholarships, but I've decided against it. Why you ask? Retaking the LSAT is a $200 investment that can save me $1,000's. I've gone back and forth over this decision but really it is quite easy. I spent a huge portion of my Senior year fall semester hunched over with my nose in every LSAT book I could find, I did my LSAT time and I'm done. Loans will cover my expenses and when I am the next big attorney I can pay them off. For now I will enjoy my senior year as much as I can (though I still have two jobs and 17 credit hours.)

The LSAT helped me reformat my discipline and study habits, I got straight A's last semester with two jobs with that silly LSAT test consuming my life.

The LSAT is over for me, its time to usher some new law school hopefuls into the "worry zone." I've spent far too long here and I'm happy to leave. I will be in law school in a mere 6 months and I cannot wait.

I wish the best to all of you Law School hopefuls. The stress can be awful but it will all be worth it when you have a law school education.

I hope my ramblings have eased the pain of studying (if nothing else I got you away from those PrepTests for a little while.)

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  1. Congratulations Kerrianne!!
    I wish you much success in your future career as a lawyer. You obviously have worked extremely hard for your dream to come true and your dedication has paid off! I hope to be able to write a similar diary entry in the near future, but for now I am on the stressing out boat!

    Knock 'em dead in law school, you will have the time of your life and make friends for life!!


    Neblina (Vancouver, Canada)

  2. Yay! Today I got a phone call from one of the schools I applied to and missed it :O! I received a voice mail asking me to call back....but it was already past their office hours by the time I got the message lol! I have to call tomorrow morning, I really hope it's a, "you're in" call :D!