LSAT PrepTest Explanation PDFs Available for Instant Download

LSAC doesn't provide explanations for any of the numbered LSAT PrepTests. LSAT PrepTests are just the questions.

If you want to know why a particular answer choice is wrong, you need to get the explanations separately. On LSAT Blog, you can get PDF explanations for LSAT PrepTests by section (LG, LR, and RC):

-Logic Games explanations for the newest PrepTests
-Logic Games explanations for PrepTests 72-81
-Logic Games explanations for PrepTests 62-71
-Logic Games explanations for PrepTests 52-61
-Logic Games explanations for PrepTests 29-38
-Logic Games explanations for PrepTests 19-28

-Logical Reasoning explanations for the newest PrepTests
-Logical Reasoning explanations for PrepTests 72-81
-Logical Reasoning explanations for PrepTests 62-71
-Logical Reasoning explanations for PrepTests 52-61
-Logical Reasoning explanations for PrepTests 44-51
-Logical Reasoning explanations for PrepTests 29-38
-Logical Reasoning explanations for PrepTests 19-28

-Reading Comprehension explanations for the newest PrepTests
-Reading Comprehension explanations for PrepTests 72-81
-Reading Comprehension explanations for PrepTests 62-71
-Reading Comprehension explanations for PrepTests 52-61
-Reading Comprehension explanations for PrepTests 44-51
-Reading Comprehension explanations for PrepTests 29-38
-Reading Comprehension explanations for PrepTests 19-28

LSAT PrepTests

The June 2007 LSAT PDF is the only free LSAT PrepTest PDF available for instant download.

I recommend getting all your other LSAT PrepTests from Amazon. The books of 10 are cheaper than getting them individually (some of the newest are not yet in books of 10, unfortunately).

LSAT PrepTest 80
LSAT PrepTest 79
LSAT PrepTest 78
LSAT PrepTest 77
LSAT PrepTest 76
LSAT PrepTest 75
LSAT PrepTest 74
LSAT PrepTest 73
LSAT PrepTest 72
LSAT PrepTests 62-71
LSAT PrepTests 52-61
LSAT PrepTests 42-51
LSAT PrepTests 29-38
LSAT PrepTests 19-28
LSAT PrepTests 7-18
LSAT SuperPrep (A, B, C)
Official LSAT PT (Feb 1997)