Logic and Games

* LSAT PrepTests now available for instant PDF download - for a penny less than regular PrepTests ($7.99), and they come with complete Logical Reasoning explanations! [LSAT Blog]

* An initially-sketchy legal claim to half of Facebook now seems more legit, and it's not from the Winklevoss twins this time. The emails are incredibly entertaining. [The Atlantic; Business Insider]

* College professor hires strippers to give lap dances to students - in class. [Gawker]

* Google wins approval from Justice Department to acquire travel company ITA, taking us one step closer to SkyNet. [The Guardian]

* Former Florida governor Charlie Crist gives YouTube apology to Talking Heads singer David Byrne for using his song in a campaign ad without permission. [NYTimes]

* Copyright, trademark, and patent issues surrounding emerging 3D printing technology. [Ars Technica]

* California voters support further drug decriminalization. [Los Angeles Times]


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