Logic and Games

* Webcomic predicts the future from now until 2100 based on Google search results. [xkcd]

* YouTube makes copyright violators watch this animated video. I can't help being reminded of Reefer Madness. [YouTube]

* Publishers sue university for uploading "digital coursepacks." [Ars Technica]

* A troubling study related to criminal law: judges grant parole more often after they've just eaten/had a break, and they're much less likely to grant parole when they haven't eaten/had a break in a while. [Less Wrong; Discover]

* Solid reasoning: "The average life expectancy of Americans has increased — from 49 in 1900 to 78 in 2011. Several cancers are strongly, often exponentially, age-dependent. An aging population will seem more cancer-afflicted, even if the real cancer incidence has not changed." [NYTimes]

* LSAT Blog reader Melanie has a free yoga podcast. [iTunes]

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