Sample Logical Reasoning Questions

LSAT Blog Sample Logical Reasoning QuestionsBlog reader Zach recently wrote to me with a few sample Logical Reasoning questions he's written himself. Although real LSAT questions are best to practice on, these are also good practice and completely free to share with all of you!

Here's what Zach wrote to me:

With the LSAT coming up, my mind has been focused in just one area recently. Everything I do, see or hear is relevant to this test and this (faked) conversation between my mom and the dog is no different.

I wrote a couple of sample Logical Reasoning questions below based on their conversation.

Here they are:

Mama: You better poop when I take you outside. If you don't poop outside, I will make you stay on the bed all day. Therefore, you cannot roam around on the floor.

The dog: Your reasoning is flawed. I can jump off the bed to the floor anyway, regardless if I poop outside. Therefore, me pooping outside does not have any impact on my freedom.

1. Which one of the following is most parallel to Mama's reasoning?

(A) You must eat carrots when we go to this restaurant. If you do eat carrots, you will gain better eyesight. Therefore, you might be able to read better.

(B) You should get gas when we pass Springfield. If you don't get gas, we will stall out near Huntsville. Therefore, we might be murdered.

(C) You better have a drink when you go the bars. If you don't have a drink, you won't have a lot of fun. Therefore, you won't have good stories to tell.

(D) You better try these mushrooms when we go into the magical forest. If you do try them, you will see magical creatures. Therefore, you cannot disbelieve their existence.

(E) You must be quiet when we go to Amishville. If you are not quiet, you will be shunned. Therefore, you might embarrass me.

2. Which one of the following most weakens the dog's argument?

(A) The bed is only a few inches off the floor.

(B) The bed is situated only on a twin-sized frame.

(C) The weight remaining within the dog because of his lack of poop is insignificant to his jumping ability.

(D) The dog's concept of freedom is contingent on the amount of digestive material within his larger intestine.

(E) If the dog does not poop outside, Mama puts up an electric fence around the bed barring any entity from accessing or leaving it.

(Please highlight the text below to read them, since they are in a white font color.)

1. C
2. E


Please let us know your thoughts on these, and how you do on them, in the comments!


  1. ohmigosh Zach you are fricken amazing! These questions are super duper awesome. You know I have had a couple of these episodes where I am having a conversation and it is exactly like an LSAT question. I think I am going to write Steve and see if he wants to publish them.

    PS. i GOT both questions right! Yay points for me!!


  2. poorly written, albeit semi-funny.

  3. thanks for posting these! I got the 2nd one right. I hate LR.. i do not understand them still.. especially parallels. :( time to go practice!

  4. I'm with you B; I still don't get it. Back to my review. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is hilarious and brilliant at the same time! Great job Zach!

  6. I got both right. this was great