Logic and Games

* A lawyer/author's awesome tips on writing the law school personal statement. [LSAT Blog]

* Law school grads sue New York Law School and Villanova for falsely reporting employment and salary info. [ABA Journal]

* Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin fight in court over who gets to sell red-soled shoes. [NYMag]

* Aspiring New York Jet Chris Stewart balances his lawyering dreams with his football dreams. [WSJ]

* Neither Bert nor Ernie possesses a sexual orientation. They're Muppets, damnit! [Sesame Street Facebook Page response to Change.org petition]

* Abercrombie and Fitch offers to pay "The Situation" to stop wearing its clothes. [WSJ]

* 15 words with no English equivalent. [Mental Floss]

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