PrepTest 64 (October 2011 LSAT) Logical Reasoning Explanations

LSAT Blog PrepTest 64 October 2011 LSAT ExplanationsFor those of you who took the October 2011 LSAT (which is now PrepTest 64), I've written complete explanations for that exam's Logical Reasoning sections, and they're available for instant PDF download.

(In order to benefit from these explanations, you must separately get the Logical Reasoning questions contained within LSAT PrepTest 64. The above-linked download does not include the actual LSAT Logical Reasoning questions from this exam.)

If you haven't yet gotten a copy of PrepTest 64, you can download the full exam as a PDF. It comes with the accompanying Logical Reasoning explanations for free.

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  1. I just bought this because I totally bombed the 1st section -13 / +12!! However, on the 3rd section I got -5 / +21, so I guess it evened out (I still got my target 160 score over all). Is it just me or is this section harder than normal? I've never gotten that low before in a section!