Law School Regular Decision Dates

LSAT Blog Law School Regular Decision DatesI was recently forwarded the following description of a list (in spreadsheet form) containing information about how and when law schools get back to applicants with their decisions.

(Elisabeth also created a list of law schools offering application fee waivers and law school application deadlines.)

Those of you applying to law school in this admissions cycle will likely find it useful:

For the last spreadsheet in this series, we looked at admissions decision information on law school websites. See

We used our same unscientific process: If we found this information within a couple minutes of searching the law school website, we added it to a Google spreadsheet. Corrections, welcome.

Please feel free to share the URLs with colleagues and applicants. Applicants should be advised to contact individual law schools for accurate information.

Application Fee Waivers:
Deadlines & Dean's Letter Requirements:
Decisions, Decisions:

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison
Director of Admissions & Special Projects
University of Hawai'i at Manoa | William S. Richardson School of Law
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