LSAT Test Day Clothing: What NOT To Wear

LSAT Blog Test Day Clothing What NOT To WearIt's often been said that the similarities between LSAT Blog and The Sartorialist are uncanny. After all, I write about the LSAT, and he takes photos of stylish people.

So, I wasn't at all surprised when a blog reader recently asked me what to wear on Test Day.

My thoughts below:


Pros: You can boost your self-esteem by dressing in formal clothing. Feeling good about yourself is important when performing difficult tasks.

Cons: Formalwear can be constricting, which might slow you down and make you uncomfortable. Also, no one likes that guy/gal, so they'll beat you up as soon as the test is over.

Protip: Don't wear a suit or evening gown to take a standardized test. Just don't.

-Homeless Chic

Pro: You'll distract other test-takers with how disgusting you look (and smell, if you really go all-out). Which is kind of funny, if you're an asshole.

Con: They'll beat you up as soon as the test is over.

Protip: As a general rule of thumb, if you dress in rags, you won't have many friends --- unless you're filthy rich. It's nasty, so don't do it.

-CasualwearLSAT Blog Test Day Clothing Casual Wear

Pros: Just about everything.

Cons: You won't be asked to model.

Protip: Wear casual, comfortable clothing. Your favorite t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers work well. If you're a girl (or like to dress like one), you can also go the Juicy sweatpants route. You don't know whether the test center will be hot or cold, so layers are a good idea.

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  1. Hi Steve, Are we allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts? I heard from somewhere that any kinds of hooded shirts are not allowed, but all my sweatshirts (from the university) are hooded. Any tips for that? :)

  2. A reading of the rules doesn't indicate that wearing a hoodie with the hood down would be prohibited, but proctors have the final say. I was once preventing from bringing my hoodie inside the test center (had to stash it outside in a park). Your luck may differ.

  3. Actually, hoods are not allowed.

    "You may not bring into the testing center any of the following:

    hats/hoods (except religious apparel) may not be worn on the head"


  4. Your reference only says that hoods are not allowed to be worn on the head, this doesn't mean that they can't be off the head attached to a sweatshirt.

  5. Lol, you can't bring into the testing center hoods on heads. Would you like them in a box? Would you like them on a fox? I do not like these hoods on heads, I do not like them heads I dread.