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LSAT Blog Crazy Badass Lawyer Adam Reposa Video
If you ever become a criminal defense attorney, I hope you market yourself like Adam Reposa of Austin, Texas.

He recently made the following hilarious video to market his services (HT: Above the Law):

This is the same guy who (quoted by ATL):
'made a simulated masturbatory gesture with his hand while making eye contact with the court in response to an objection by the state to his interference with the court plea bargain inquiry' Breland wrote in a judgment of criminal contempt of court filed March 11.

He ended up serving only ten days of 90-day sentence for doing so. But...he still seems like a bit of a loose cannon. Maybe he's not the best attorney to emulate after all.

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  1. Well, everything is bigger in Texas. I suppose that includes manic idiots.

  2. so hey y'all soon to be lawyers I want you to keep in mind that in Reposa's contempt case his client eventually won his criminal case. Reposa went to jail and his client walked. Most lawyers don't care about that fact because they are cowards joiners who want to sit at the cool kid table during lunch, and they just join the herd in bashing Reposa without knowing the facts. Remember MOST people become lawyers because they aren't smart enough to be doctors. Reposa became a lawyer to whip the governments ass.

    p.s. I speak in third person because I can. Is Adam Reposa gonna have to choke an internet nobody

  3. Yeah, that's a marketing genius alright... (sarcasm)

  4. what an advertisement...

  5. There is NOT an attorney in Travis county or in any surrounding counties that can compare to Adam. He is a bad ass attorney. He has the balls to stand up for his clients. I would put my money on him anyday, anytime...

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