LSAT Logic Game Farming Exhibition Video Explanation

I just made a video explanation for the second LSAT Logic Game from LSAT PrepTest 38 (October 2002 LSAT). It's the "farming exhibition tasks" game (harvesting, milling, plowing, spinning, threshing, and weaving).

I explained all questions in one video that's about 16 1/2 minutes. (Get more free LSAT videos.)



For more, see my more-detailed written Logic Games explanations available on the blog.


  1. You made question 8 way too complicated and lengthy. Just always apply only the rules to orientation questions, and then use the inferences only as a last resort.

  2. For questions 11-13, you can use the inferences from the main diagram in the beginning to find the correct answers without making more diagrams. Is there a specific reason for making more?

  3. F demonstrates EXACTLY ONE TASK before G demonstrates any of the tasks... I understand this rule as F,G,G,F,ONLY ONE F before both Gs.