LSAT studying: What would you have done differently?

LSAT Blog LSAT studying What would you have done differently
What do you wish you'd known before starting your LSAT prep?

I asked the following questions to some blog readers who recently took the LSAT:
What do you know now that you wish you'd known before starting your LSAT prep? What would you have done differently?
Here are their responses:

-How much the LSAT really matters. Schools really try and say it's 1/3, but I feel like it's at least 1/2 of the decision. I would have definitely studied more.

-I spent a lot of time speeding through the questions because I was too worried about timing issues. It wasn't until the last week of preparation that I realized how much slower I could go through each section, and still have enough time. Figuring out how slow I could actually go helped me do well on the real exam. I wish I had figured this out earlier in my studying period but was thankful to have figured it out two days before the real exam.

-I didn't spend enough time practicing technique on logic games, rather I would just keep doing them and not try to solve them faster. I wish I had taken your advice earlier on to look for faster ways of solving the logic games.

-Personally I probably would have worked a little bit harder on the stress reduction. There is a lot of pressure to study, it can be a little overwhelming.

-Not to be so hard on myself and not to fear the LSAT. Also how to study smarter vs harder.

-I wish I would have taken more practice tests in an outside/semi-uncomfortable (non-home) environment.

-To photocopy the books so I could reuse them again. Erasing pencil is not fun at all.

-I would have taken way more time to study and taken a lot more timed practice tests. Timing is such a huge issue for me that I wish I focused on it more.

-Well, I decided in December to study myself and take the LSAT in February. I quit my job and studied at home 5 days a week for 8 hours a day - with a lunch break, etc. and then on the weekends about 5 hours a day. I would have definitely given myself more time - at least another month.

-I wish I had known from the start to simulate test conditions-timed, no scrap paper, pencil... right from the start. Especially the no scrap paper. I think my score was most impacted by not having reams and reams of scrap paper to make my Logic Games charts.


If you've taken the LSAT before (or have been prepping for a while), how would you answer those questions?

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