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What do you wish you'd known when you started your LSAT studying?

I asked the following questions to some blog readers who recently took the LSAT:
What do you know now that you wish you'd known before starting your LSAT prep? What would you have done differently?
Here are their responses:

-Started prepping a lot earlier. That would have lessened the stress I had from trying to cram.

-That timed practice is the best kind of practice - wish I'd done more timed practice tests.

-I wish I'd known how much preparation is required.

-I would have practiced more under timed conditions.

-How important it is to just keep taking timed sections. The simple approach of taking a test, learning why you made mistakes and not repeating them was simple and effective. I wasted too much time "studying" in classes and reading books.

-I wish I'd known how long it would take to get a good handle on the section I found most challenging. I would have focused more on that section rather than studying the sections more equally.

-When I was first studying I didn't really talk about it - it was something I squeezed in after work and weekend days. Later it was much easier to say no to invitations and get support when everyone knew what I was doing.

-Study more for reading comprehension.

-I found that after everything, the most useful was taking as many tests as possible.

-I wish I'd made sure I was well-rested the whole week of the test, not just the night before.


If you've taken the LSAT before (or have been prepping for a while), how would you answer those questions?

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