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Kaplan's LSAT strategies and techniques leave much to be desired, as I've discussed at length here on LSAT Blog.

However, they recently came out with a new (and free) app for iOS and Android that you may find useful.

It's called the LSAT Proctor Anywhere app.

(That's the link to download it through iTunes for iPhone, iPad, etc. You can also download it in the Android market.)

Here's a description of the app from Kaplan:


•Full-Length Exam, LSAC PrepTest, Single Section & Custom Timing modes
•Test Day rules recitation, taken from the official LSAT Proctoring Instructions
•Proctor announcements just as you’d hear on Test Day
•Ambient sounds like coughing, sneezing, whispering, scribbling, flipping pages and more
•Additional features like coaching whispers and extended time mode

Once you start a proctored exam, you will have the ability to pause and resume the timer, skip a section or quit. Successful preparation for the LSAT, consistently cited as the most important law school admissions factor, requires dedication, the right tools and simulated practice. Kaplan’s LSAT Proctor Anywhere lets you recreate the LSAT experience anywhere, anytime.


  1. Can you provide a link for the Android app? I can't seem to find it...

  2. I'm not seeing the Android app either...

  3. Does the proctor give a 5 minute warning or is it just "times up"

  4. Are these questions actual LSAT test questions or are they made up by Kaplan?

  5. We just got the Android version up...